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    RSS Post Importer

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    This is the Best WordPress Plugin for Syndicating, Importing, Curating, Merging and Displaying Full Text RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress Blog. Watch for yourself!

    The RSS Post Importer plugin fetchs an RSS feed and publishes the full article content of each Feed Item as stand-alone post.

    Content syndication allows a blogger to import an rss feed from other blogs in his niche, allowing him to share relevant content with his readers, with far less of a time commitment than writing his own posts or scheduling guest bloggers and ghost writers. RSS Post Importer is very easy to install, here’s how:

    RSS Post Importer handles all of that, it will import and publish Full Text RSS Posts from one or several RSS feeds sources to your WordPress blog on Auto-pilot while you are laying on the beach of doing some other work, making your blogging, content syndication strategy & autoblogging life much more easier!

    Not only does this WordPress RSS Aggregator Plugin import a snippet of the rss feed, it automatically imports the entire Full Text RSS Feed , allowing you to post the entire article on your site if you want. This means you’re providing your readers with relevant content on a daily, weekly, or even hourly basis, depending on the top of blog you’re running. RSS Post Importer is a great plugin for news aggregators, content syndicator, company blogs, current events bloggers, or deal bloggers, as it keeps the fresh content that your readers love you for, coming on a regular basis!

    Features include:

    • Importing feeds automatically using cron.
    • Importing the full text rss feeds content.
    • Display the full content of the articles.
    • Chose to only display the titles of posts.
    • Set number of posts and category per feed.
    • Set what author to assign imported content to.
    • Simple template for formatting imported content.
    • Append prefilled HTML code or text to each published Post.
    • Append the no-follow tag to all outbond links for better SEO.
    • Idiot-proof Templating system allowing you to add backlinks and excerpts.
    • Block search indexing to prevent your content from appearing in search results.
    • Advanced Statistics: Piechart for feeds items distribution , Bar charts for posts and much more advanced charts

    Premium Features include:

    • Full Text RSS Feeds ( Cloud-based processing via Full Text RSS
    • Automated Featured images.
    • Keywords Based Filters and Curation .
    • RegEx Based Filters and Curation.
    • Define the number of Words Your Excerpt should have.
    • Fetch Full Text Articles + Images from Truncated Feeds. Cloud-processing
    • Assign Any Imported RSS Feed Stream to a specific Author.
    • Assign Imported Posts to as many Tags as you want , the sky is the limit.
    • Assign Imported Post to as many categories as you want , the sky is the limit.
    • Export/import your Feeds and setting as CSV File.
    • Import/Export Feeds + Feeds’ Settings as OPML file
    • Disable Banner for a valid Full Text RSS Key
    • Purge Deleted Posts from the Memory to re-import old posts
    • Option to re-import the same articles several times and disable the protection
    • Import Static Websites Content. **Supports: html or php single page or single article **

    Don’t take my word for it, here’s how easy to use it is:

    You should watch this video tutorial

    When you start importing rss feeds as a part of your content backup, autoblogging or blogging strategy, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of increased content and a larger fan base, which will translate into more traffic and more revenue or dollars for your business!

    PS: By the way, if RSS Post Importer doesn’t work out for you, you might want to try one of these cool alternative plugins

    WP-o-Matic, WP-o-Matic, RSSImport, FeedWordPress, Syndicate Press, FeedWeb, RSS Just Better, CyberSyn, CSV 2 Post, Simple Feed Copyright, WP Syndicate, HungryFEED, Feedzy , WP Pipes and many other I can’t list here. RSS Post Importer imports data from a feed and saves it as full stand alone posts.

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