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    RS FeedBurner – Easy Implementation of FeedBurner, FeedPress, and FeedBlitz Feeds

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    One of the easiest ways to implement your FeedBurner, FeedPress, or FeedBlitz feed on your WordPress site. It just works.

    This plugin redirects all requests for your native WordPress RSS feeds to your FeedBurner, FeedPress, or FeedBlitz feeds so you can track all your subscribers and maximize your blog/site readership and user engagement.

    This allows you to implement your favorite third-party RSS feed optimization service without having to touch or modify an .htaccess file.

    You can redirect both your main WordPress RSS feed and your comments feed if you like. (Comments feed is optional since not everyone uses it.)

    This plugin is a fork of the original FeedBurner Feedsmith plugin by Steve Smith. Since it was discontinued, I picked up where it left off so we all can have an actively updated plugin.

    As of version 1.4.6, this plugin also supports FeedPress and FeedBlitz, popular FeedBurner alternatives.

    Documentation / Tech Support


    • Simple to use
    • Fast
    • Compatible

    You will need a FeedBurner, FeedPress, or FeedBlitz account to use this plugin.

    Important: If you are using a caching plugin, you will need to set it to not cache your feeds. (Cache plugins usually have an “exclude” setting so you can specify which pages won’t be cached.)

    More Info / Documentation

    For more info and full documentation, visit the RS FeedBurner homepage.


    • A FeedBurner, FeedPress, or FeedBlitz account
    • WordPress 3.8 or higher (Recommended: WordPress 4.4 or higher)
    • PHP 5.3 or higher (Recommended: PHP 5.5 or higher)
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