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    WPSOLR Search Engine

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    This free plugin brings a hundred free Enterprise search features, usually reserved to sites with deep pockets:
    attachment files (pdf, .doc, .xls …), multi-domains search, infinite scroll, integration with your theme search page, boosts, facets with custom fields …

    If necessary, buy extensions and support to work with your favorite plugins.

    Search that gives you the competitive edge

    Search is everything

    Search is everything and everywhere today. Yahoo directory was king, until Google came with it’s incredible search technology. Can you imagine how you would manage without it ?
    Your visitors, your future customers, expect a search as good as Google, Amazon, or eBay. And if you cannot provide it, they’ll just flee to your competitors.
    Yes, search is fundamental to my business

    Your search without WPSOLR

    Visitors are leaving after waiting many seconds.
    Visitors are shown the wrong results.
    It cannot be adapted to the business expectations.
    Some products are simply never displayed.
    Those points remind you of your own search ?
    Yes, I want a fast search, accurate, flexible, and complete

    Visitors bounce

    It’s a very well documented fact that your visitors are waiting less than 3 seconds before leaving to your competitors.
    Your search must be fast, really fast, under any number of products or any number of visitors browing your shop.
    WPSOLR does that by using the mighty power of Solr and Elasticsearch. These are search software, scalable to any level you might require.
    Yes, I want to drop my visitors bounce

    Custom relevancy

    This is a difficult requirement, because ‘relevant’ depends often on your business, or even on some specific search terms.
    What if your results show relevant products, but the first displayed are 2 years old ? Not good indeed.
    By using Solr and Elasticsearch, WPSOLR can provide you with predefined relevancy scores, or you can build your own. For instance, you could want to display relevant and fresh, or relevant and close, results first.
    Yes, I want to increase my search relevancy

    Search millions

    WordPress search suffers from it’s SQL inheritance.
    It is fast with a few hundreds of post types, but brings your site to his knees after a few thousands.
    The same can be said to most search plugins, that try to fix this issue with the same methods.
    WPSOLR comes with a totally different technology, Solr and Elasticsearch, built from the ground to manage millions of data.
    If your site is on his knees, it will not be because of it’s search anymore.
    Yes, I have an insane quantity of post types to search in

    Search everything

    Any file (.pdf, .docx, .xls)
    Any post type
    Any custom field
    Any taxonomy
    Any WooCommerce product attribute
    ACF fields
    Anything you like with code
    There is no limits but the sky.
    Yes, I want to search in everything

    Data privacy

    You probably already tried some pure search plugins, and some SaaS.
    SaaS means that your data is sent somewhere outside your secured firewalls, to be indexed and searched.
    It also mean your subscription is charged by the usage: quantity of data, indexing, searches. You could quickly be asked to upgrade to more expensive plans.
    WPSOLR is a plugin, which requires Solr and Elasticsearch. But you can, and should, install those on your own server. You then get the best of worlds: your data stays at home, search is closer then faster, and you do not pay on usage.
    Yes, my data should stay on my server

    Search engine optimization (SEO)

    Did you notice how Google shopping first positions are taken away by websites search pages ?
    But neither “Yoast SEO“, nor “All in One SEO Pack“ do take care of your search pages ?
    Fortunately, WPSOLR is also working hand to hand with your favorite SEO plugin to build beautiful search urls and meta descriptions. Search bots and humans will love it.
    Yes, I want beautiful search urls and search meta descriptions

    We also develop tailored solutions to solve any problem.

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