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    Better Internal Link Search

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    Better Internal Link Search improves the default internal link searching feature in a number of ways, making it faster and easier to find the content you want to link up.

    The most basic feature limits results to posts and pages that contain your search term in the title, rather than returning every post that contains the term in the title or content field — this greatly reduces the number of results on sites with a lot of content and should improve accuracy.

    Beyond that simple change are more powerful features that can be customized for your particular site, including creating shortcuts for often-used links and even searching external sites without leaving WordPress!


    • Search by post or page title when adding links to the editor or adding pages to a nav menu.
    • Includes terms from any taxonomy in the search results so you can easily link to term archives.
    • Scheduled posts are included in search results.
    • Text highlighted in the editor when opening the internal link popup is searched for automatically.
    • Adds a shortcut for quickly linking to the homepage. Just type ‘home’.
    • Provides the ability to create custom shortcuts with a little code.
    • Powerful modifiers included for searching additional data sources to make linking fast and easy (Wikipedia, GitHub, iTunes, Spotify, Codex).
    • Extendable so developers can add their own sources.

    Typeahead Search

    Instantly see search results for pages, posts, media items or other custom post types on their Manage Posts screens. As soon as you start typing in the search field, the table instantly updates with results for whichever post type you’re viewing. Pressing enter or clicking the search button will continue to return posts using the default search algorithm (post titles and content).

    Additional Resources


    Eric Amundson over at Ivy Cat recorded this great overview of the plugin’s features:

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