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    WP PayPal and Stripe Online Payments By vCita

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    Online Credit Card Payments by vCita is a simple and secure WordPress plugin, designed with service providers in mind!

    The plugin integrates with PayPal and Stripe, and lets you accept credit card and PayPal payments right on your website:

    • Allow customers to pay for your services online 24/7 from any device
    • Create multiple payment buttons and add them to website pages or posts using shortcode
    • Invite returning customers to pay for previous activities, appoints and services
    • Let customers book appointments and services online, and request an upfront payment
    • Issue invoices and track payment status in real time
    • Record & track payments, manage your business income with a centralized dashboard
    • And more…

    vCita’s online payment plugin can be integrated into your website as a payment form or a payment button in seconds – no coding required.

    Both the button and the payment form provide a professional, mobile friendly online payment solution that is easy to use.
    You can customize the payment form and request additional information regarding the client or the payment.

    Funds are directly deposited in your PayPal or bank account and with no additional transaction fees.

    View and manage all payments, contact form submissions and clients from the vCita FREE Mobile CRM App for iPhone or Android


    WP PayPal and Stripe Online Payments By vCita is currently available in:

    • English
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • French
    • German
    • Polish

    Payment Form with PayPal and Stripe plugin connects to your vCita account as well as your PayPal or Stripe account. You may create a vCita account directly from the plugin.
    vCita offers a free forever plan, as well as premium options.

    Key features of the Online Credit Card Payments by vCita plugin :

    • Add an interactive payment widget to your website.
    • Create online payment buttons and payment forms in seconds and add them to any page or post using shortcode.
    • Accept Credit Card and PayPal payments with your payment form, for any service or product.
    • More than 26 supported currencies – accept payments in any currency supported by PayPal or Stripe – See full list .
    • Have your funds deposited straight to your bank account – powered by Stripe.
    • Receive immediate email and mobile notifications with every contact form submission, and when a payment via PayPal or Stripe is made.
    • Manage all contact form submissions, PayPal and Stripe payments and contacts in one friendly system, available on desktop and mobile.
    • Issue customized invoices and email them to clients with an invitation to pay online

    Payment Form with PayPal and Stripe plugin premium options :

    • Accept unlimited online payments (instead of only $300/month)
    • Get automatically notified of late payment and send reminders to clients
    • Send customized thank you emails with every accepted payment
    • Manage contacts across your team – assign leads and clients to staff members
    • Integrate vCita with QuickBooks
    • Integrate vCita with other accounting & billing systems such as FreshBooks and more using Zapier

    More features available with Online Credit Card Payments by vCita plugin :

    • Add a PayPal or Stripe payment button to any page or post
    • Customize the payment button and payment form to perfectly match your website theme and design
    • Mobile ready contact form and online payment process that looks great on any device
    • Friendly online payment experience for your clients
    • Automatically recognize and greet returning clients, and alert them of outstanding payments
    • Convenient credit card payment processing or PayPal payments for your web or mobile site
    • Use an invoice template and generate invoices for your clients to pay online using credit card or PayPal
    • Keep an archive of contact form submissions and client payment history
    • Display a list of services and fees, and collect a payment before or after a scheduled appointment
    • Simply integrate PayPal or Stripe with your site using shortcode
    • Set the payment currency
    • Accept payments through your WordPress site in a secure manner
    • Set buttons with a predefined PayPal and Stripe payment amount, or let clients choose the amount within the payment contact form

    Find out more about vCita online payments and invoicing templates

    Online payment plugin is part of vCita’s all-in-one business management solution, which includes :

    • Online scheduling
    • Event and class registration
    • Online team calendar
    • CRM to manage your client interactions
    • Integrated email campaigns and SMS marketing
    • Invoicing system
    • A client portal for each client

    Building WordPress sites for others?

    Use vCita LiveSite on any WordPress website you build and manage all vCita plugins from one dashboard.

    Join the vCita reseller program for web professionals.

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