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    WP Simple Pay Lite for Stripe

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    🤩 Accept Stripe payments on your WordPress using WP Simple Pay, the best Stripe payments plugin! 🚀

    The Best Stripe Payment Forms and Stripe Payments Plugin for WordPress

    WP Simple Pay is the best Stripe payment forms and Stripe payments plugin for WordPress that helps you quickly accept credit card, Apple Pay, iDEAL, and other payment types on your WordPress site.

    WP Simple Pay is a standalone Stripe payments plugin that connects Stripe with WordPress. You don’t need a complicated store setup or even need to use an ecommerce platform like WooCommerce. In just a few steps, you can be up and running in no time. Simply create a payment form and start accepting credit cards and other payment types with Stripe on your WordPress site.

    Stripe Checkout is a drop-in payment flow optimized for the highest conversion. It’s built for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It’s continuously tested and updated to offer a frictionless credit card payment experience. It’s also PCI DSS compliant and SCA-ready without any changes to your website.

    ✨ Stripe Checkout Payment Processing Features

    • Integration with Stripe Checkout hosted payment forms
    • Accept credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners, and more) from global customers
    • Accept Alipay payments in Stripe from customers in China
    • Accept FPX payments in Stripe from customers in Malaysia
    • Accept Giropay payments in Stripe from customers in Germany
    • Accept iDEAL payments in Stripe from customers in The Netherlands
    • Accept Przelewy24 (P24) in Stripe payments from customers in Poland
    • Custom branding on Stripe Checkout payment forms
    • Collect customer billing & shipping addresses in Stripe
    • Collect additional custom fields in Stripe Checkout
    • Support for 30+ languages, 45+ countries, and 135+ currencies
    • PCI compliant & SCA-ready payment forms for secure payments
    • Smart fraud protection & spam prevention with Stripe Radar
    • AffiliateWP integration
    • Page builder integrations (Divi, Elementor)
    • Developer-friendly for building custom integrations
    • Pre-made payment form templates

    ✨ Advanced Stripe Payment Form Features

    If you need more functionality for your Stripe payment forms, you can upgrade to WP Simple Pay Pro to get these powerful features:

    • On-site payment forms (no redirect)
    • Drag & drop payment form builder
    • Custom payment form fields to capture additional data
    • Mobile-optimized embedded & overlay payment forms
    • Apple Pay & Google Pay support with custom payment forms
    • Accept ACH direct debit (U.S bank accounts) in Stripe from customers in the U.S
    • Accept SEPA direct debit payments in Stripe from customers in Europe
    • Accept Bacs Direct Debit in Stripe from customers in the U.K
    • Accept Bancontact payments in Stripe from customers in Belgium
    • Accept GrabPay payments in Stripe from customers in Malaysia
    • Accept recurring payments with Stripe
    • Buy Now, Pay Later with Klarna & Afterpay/Clearpay
    • Custom payment receipt emails with Stripe
    • Allow users to specificy the amount to pay (great for donations)
    • Coupon code management for Stripe
    • Tax rate management for Stripe
    • One-time & recurring subscription payments with Stripe
    • User-managed subscriptions with Stripe
    • Send subscription renewal reminders with Stripe
    • Create installment plans with Stripe to split payments
    • Charge initial setup fees with Stripe
    • Offer free trials with Stripe

    WP Simple Pay Pro – Stripe Payment Forms
    This plugin is the lite version of the WP Simple Pay Pro plugin that comes with many payment features including custom fields, user-entered amounts, coupon codes, tax rates, recurring payments (aka subscriptions), alternate payment methods, ACH, direct debit, Buy Now Pay Later and tons more. Click here to purchase the best Stripe payment forms and Stripe payments plugin now!

    By upgrading to WP Simple Pay Pro, you also get access to one-on-one help from our knowledgeable support team and our extensive documentation site.

    There is a small 3% fee per-transaction plus Stripe fees while using WP Simple Pay Lite. Upgrade to Pro for no added fees and priority support.

    WP Simple Pay is a verified member of the Stripe partner program. This program recognizes software that meets Stripe’s strict quality requirements and provides users of WP Simple Pay and Stripe with the confidence they need to trust us both with their payment form integrations.

    Below are a few examples of ways you can set up Stripe payments with WP Simple Pay. See our payment form templates to try them out for yourself.

    💳 Payment Form Drag & Drop Builder

    Drag and drop to add a custom amount entry, a coupon code field, various custom field types, subscription plan selection, a payment summary and more.

    All data entered into these custom payment fields are stored as “metadata” with each Stripe payment record within your Stripe dashboard, so everything is viewable alongside all payment or subscription plan data.

    View our payment templates

    💳 3 Payment Form Display Types

    Select from the on-site embedded, on-site overlay, or Stripe Checkout payment form display types.

    Compare them by viewing some of our payment form templates:

    We paid developers for several hours to do what WP Simple Pay accomplished in minutes. A no-brainer investment for us.

    Justin McGill, Founder of LeadFuze

    💳 Allow Custom Payment Amounts

    Set a one-time payment amount or let your site visitors pay what they want. Optionally specify minimum and default amounts. Great for donations!

    View our one-time custom amount template

    💳 Add and Customize Subscription Options in Stripe

    Connect a payment button to an individual Stripe plan or let your site visitors pick a plan to subscribe to. Add a custom amount option, charge a setup fee or tie into free trials.

    View a few of these subscription templates:

    You can also set up installment plans to end subscriptions after a specific number of charges.

    💳 Offer Discounts with Coupon Codes in Stripe

    Percent or amount-off coupon codes added in your Stripe dashboard can be used in your payment forms.

    Use with subscriptions or one-time payments, and optionally add a total amount label that updates real-time.

    View our coupon code template

    💳 Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay with Stripe

    Give your site visitors the option to pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay with a single button in your custom embedded or overlay payment forms.

    Anyone with a browser and device combination that allows one of these options will see the new payment button.

    View our Apple Pay & Google Pay template

    💳 Accept ACH Debit Payments with Stripe

    Give your U.S. customers the option to pay directly from their bank accounts with ACH debit payments and take advantage of lower fees in Stripe. ACH payments on Stripe cost 0.80%, capped at $5, with no monthly fees or verification fees.

    View our ACH debit payment template

    💳 Accept Klarna and Afterpay/Clearpay Payments with Stripe

    With a buy now, pay later payment method enabled, your customers get more payment flexibility, allowing them to purchase what they want now and pay over time. Your business receives the full payment upfront and is protected from fraud, while your customers pay nothing or only a portion of the total upfront without fees.

    View our Klarna buy now, pay later template
    View our Afterpay/Clearpay buy now, pay later template

    💳 Accept SEPA Direct Debit Payments with Stripe

    Give your European customers the option to pay directly from their bank accounts with SEPA direct debit payments and take advantage of lower fees in Stripe. SEPA payments on Stripe cost 0.8% + 30¢ capped at $6.00 with no monthly fees or verification fees.

    View our SEPA Direct Debit template

    💳 Customized Payment Confirmation Details with Stripe

    Easily customize the credit card payment confirmation details your customers see within the post editor using placeholder tags.

    Learn more about customizable receipts to see it in action.

    💳 Locale and Currency Settings in Stripe

    Stripe currently supports 30+ languages, 45+ countries, and 135+ currencies. WP Simple Pay lets you set the locale (language) for your payment forms as well as the preferred currency and date formats for your site’s region.

    Learn more about locales

    The WP Simple Pay team has been outstanding. From technical support to feature requests to frequent product updates – the value provided has saved us thousands over building a Stripe integration ourselves.

    Jon MacDonald, Founder of The Good

    📧 Get Help

    WP Simple Pay is backed by top-notch technical support from our globally distributed full-time support team. We also have an extensive documentation site available. If you’re looking for faster support via email, we encourage you to purchase a WP Simple Pay Pro license.

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