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    WP Download Codes

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    The plugin enables to generation and management of download codes for different types of files (zip, mp3, …).
    It was mainly written to enable the download of digital-only releases or of soundfiles complementary to Vinyl records or CDs using dedicated download codes. Such codes could be printed on the release covers or on separate download cards or simply distributed via email.
    Of course there can be other use cases because the file download is not restricted to soundfiles.

    With the plugin you can:

    • Create and manage releases, which can be standalone files or items bundled as zips (e.g. digital versions of vinyl albums).
    • Specify the allowed number of downloads for each release.
    • Create alphanumeric download codes for each release/file using a prefix for each code. The number of characters can be specified for each code.
    • Review downloads codes and set them to “final” when you want to use and distribute them.
    • Export final download codes in a plain list from which they can be used for example to print the codes on download cards using the mail merge functionality of your favorite office suite.
    • Analyze the use of the download codes.

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