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    Download Monitor

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    A plugin to manage all the download aspects of a website, by providing an interface for uploading and managing downloadable files (including support for multiple versions), inserting download links into posts, and logging downloads.


    • Track downloads: For tracking downloads of a specific file and how may times have been attempted.
    • Download template: Different download templates are available with further more options, adding categorization, tags to downloads
    • Add-ons: Add-ons for extra features like “Restrict Content Pro Integration”
    • Download options: Download endpoint customization, setting endpoint value
    • Blacklist: Blacklist IPs, Blacklist user agents
    • Download log & count: User download attempts log and download counts tracking, and also members only downloads
    • Multiple file support: Supports multiple file versions per download


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    0.0085 sec LOAD TIME


    The plugin is well documented, Up until now 4 out of 42 support threads have been resolved, sadly support for this free version is no longer available; the developer Mike Jolley provides support to only premium version of this plugin. However If find any bug do knock him on his Github page. Mike Jolley published a new download monitor plugin with improved features quite a while ago. You can try that out.

    Plugin ver- 1.4.2       WordPress ver- 3.8.1       Tested on 19 March 2014
    System configuration: 1 core processsor, Memory - 512mb, 20gb SSD Disk

    Download Monitor provides an interface for uploading and managing downloadable files (including support for multiple versions), inserting download links into posts, and logging downloads.


    • Add, edit and remove downloads from a familiar WP interface; Your downloads are just like posts.
    • Quick-add panel for adding downloads / files whilst editing posts.
    • Add multiple file versions to your downloads each with their own data like download count and file links.
    • Define alternative links (mirrors) per download version.
    • Categorize, tag, or add other meta to your downloads.
    • Display download links on the frontend using shortcodes.
    • Change the way download links get displayed via template files.
    • Track downloads counts and log user download attempts.
    • Member only downloads, requires users to be logged in to download your files.
    • Customisable endpoints for showing pretty download links.

    Read more about Download Monitor.

    Download Monitor Extensions

    Extend the core Download Monitor plugin with it’s powerful extensions. All extensions come with one year of updates and support.

    Some of our popular extensions include: Page Addon, Email Lock, CSV Importer and Gravity Forms Lock.

    Want to see more? Browse All Extensions


    We have a large Knowledge Base on our Download Monitor website that contains documentation about how to how to setup and use Download Monitor.

    Are you a new Download Monitor user? Read these articles on how to get your files ready for download with Download Monitor:

    1. How to install Download Monitor
    2. How to add your first download in Download Monitor
    3. How to list your first download on your website with the download shortcode

    More advanced topics that a lot of people find interesting:

    1. Learn more about the different ways you can style your download buttons
    2. Learn more about how to customize your download buttons
    3. Learn more about what actions and filters are available in Download Monitor

    Contributing and reporting bugs

    You can contribute code to this plugin via GitHub:

    You can contribute localizations via Transifex


    Use the forums for community support. If you spot a bug, you can of course log it on Github instead where we can act upon it more efficiently.

    Unfortunately we can’t offer you help with a customisation. Please consider hiring a developer for your website’s customizations.

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