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    Sell Media

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    Sell Media is finely tailored e-commerce solution for selling photos, prints, and videos through your self-hosted WordPress site. Photographers love it for it’s flexibly gallery layouts and powerful extensions.

    Using Sell Media, you can:

    • Sell photos, galleries, videos, pdf’s and other digital files.
    • Create you own stock photo or video site.
    • Charge licensing fees for commercial, editorial, or personal usages.
    • Protect file uploads.
    • Accept payments via PayPal. Additional payment gateways are also available.

    ** Marketplace – New in version 2.4 **
    Version 2.4 of Sell Media allows you to contribute photos to a central searchable marketplace to help you promote your work and generate traffic to your website. To add photos to the marketplace, visit Sell Media -> Add New and click the Marketplace tab.


    Theme Integration

    These WordPress themes were designed to enhance the functionality of Sell Media. Sell Media also works with any properly coded WordPress theme, however, some minor styling tweaks might be required.

    Take Sell Media to the next level with these powerful extensions:

    Instant Setup

    If you’re having difficulties getting Sell Media set up, check out Visual Society is our new fully-hosted e-commerce platform powered by Sell Media and WordPress. This new platform also includes automated print fulfillment worldwide!



    Example for adding a message above the cart:
    function sell_media_above_cart_function() {

        print '<p>This message will show up above the cart on the cart popup. You could include a copyright message or links to your terms of service.</p>';
    add_action( 'sell_media_above_cart', 'sell_media_above_cart_function' );

    Example for adding a message below the cart:
    function sell_media_below_cart_function() {

        print '<p>This message will show up below the cart on the cart popup. You could include a copyright message or links to your terms of service.</p>';
    add_action( 'sell_media_below_cart', 'sell_media_below_cart_function' );

    Action hooks available:

    • sell_media_above_archive_content – Above archive content
    • sell_media_below_archive_content – Below archive content
    • sell_media_above_archive_header_content – Above archive header content
    • sell_media_below_archive_header_content – Below archive header content
    • sell_media_above_archive_header_content
    • sell_media_above_cart – Above the cart
    • sell_media_below_cart – Below the cart
    • sell_media_cart_below_licenses – Between license and price on cart
    • sell_media_menu_hook – settings.php – Use for adding new submenu pages
    • sell_media_register_settings_hook – settings.php – Use for registering new settings/options
    • sell_media_settings_above_general_section_hook – settings.php – Above tables on settings page
    • sell_media_settings_below_general_section_hook – settings.php – Below tables on settings page
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