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    Simple Intranet Directory

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    Simple Intranet Directory is an easy to use employee directory listing that includes extended profile information, user photos and a search function. We have also added custom fields, an out of office alert function and sidebar widget, custom HTML biographies, an employee directory search widget and an employees sidebar widget.

    Upgrade to the full version of our Simple Intranet ( plugin suite and get these features;

    • searchable employee directory with photos with grid or mosaic tile options
    • privately secure part or all of your site as a company intranet
    • company events calendar that syncs with Google Calendar
    • online forms that you can customize for HR or contact inquiries
    • Dropbox-like drag and drop front-end file management
    • HR vacation/leave workflow forms and approval process
    • bulk user import function from CSV file
    • out of office expiry date and custom text options and widget
    • employee of the month, company anniversary and employee birthday widgets
    • drill-down detailed employee biography profiles (prepopulated or custom HTML)
    • branded login and admin panels with your logo
    • Facebook-like real-time activity feed for employee communication
    • front-end user edited Wiki for group editing and collaboration
    • employee online survey poll widget and archive
    • an upcoming events calendar/listing page and widget with e-mail notifications
    • most popular content sidebar widget (records views of all pages/posts)
    • appointment and conference room bookings
    • Question & Answer page function like Quora, Yahoo Answers, StackOverflow

    NOTE: To upgrade you will need to deactivate and delete this Simple Intranet Directory plugin from your server. Don’t worry, your photos and employee data will however be saved and accessible in your the full version of the Simple Intranet plugin.

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