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    BePro Listings Business Directory

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    Use this Business Directory addon with our BePro Listings plugin. The result is a business directory with, Alphabetic Search, media support, Galleries, notification emails and anything else your Directory needs. This Business Directory addon, introduces new Business and Staff focused directory layouts to extend the existing BePro Lisitngs layouts. If interested in custom fields, check out our Form Builder Addon

    Business Directory | SupportForum | Documentation & Add Ons | Themes | Demo

    Download and install BePro Listings here on




    Install BePro Listings then install this. Its that simple

    This specific addon “Business Directory” will introduce several new listing templates that are popular for those trying to setup a directory website. First, you should add a few listings to the plugin, business, staff, or whatever you are listing. Then you can use any of the following shortcodes to reveal a particular layout:

    1. [display_listings type="bl1" order_by=1 limit=150]
    2. [display_listings type="blb" order_by=3 limit=150]
    3. [display_listings type="bl2" order_by=1 limit=150]
    4. [display_listings type="bl2b" order_by=3 limit=150]
    5. [display_listings type="bl3" order_by=1 limit=150]
    6. [display_listings type="bl4" order_by=1 limit=150]

    You can use the following shortcode to setup an alaphabetic search option. So if you use a listing type that visibly shows alaphabetic listings, you should also use the following shortcode to help people navigate your records quickly.


    Remember, you can also still use all of the other shortcodes included with BePro Listings. Ultimately, this plugin provides the layout you need and BePro Listings provides all of the other functionality.


    BePro Listings has several other addons which you can pair with this one. There are over 19 addons to chose from. Here is a short list:


    We have several themes which support BePro Lisitngs by default. Checkout a few of our popular options below

    1. ByCater - This responsive directory theme features a home page template utilizing (google map, search, categories, and listings). It also integrates with typical wordpress features like, sidebar, menu, etc
    2. FolioProjects - Responsive Child theme for the stock wordpress twentyfourteen teamplate. Perfect for gallery, portfolio, and other sites where you want to emphasize the featured images. Comes with three templates
    3. MT Classifieds - Great responsive theme for classified focused websites. Template uses various features including (google map, categories, and listings)
    4. WhatLocalsCallIt - Great responsive directory theme built on the twentytwelve foundation. Great option for a Product catalogue
    5. MP Directory - Try this theme for your next, real estate, vehicle, or other directory
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