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    LDAP/Active Directory Login for Intranet sites

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    Active Directory Integration / LDAP Integration for Intranet sites plugin provides login to WordPress using credentials stored in your LDAP Server. It allows users to authenticate against various LDAP implementations like Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, Sun Active Directory, OpenLDAP, JumpCloud, FreeIPA, Synology, OpenDS and other directory systems. We support user management features such as creating users not present in WordPress from LDAP Server, adding users, editing users and so on through additional add-ons. User information is in sync with the information in LDAP. This plugin is free to use under the GNU/GPLv2 license. If you wish to use enhanced features, then there is a provision to upgrade as well. There is also a provision to use our services to deploy and configure this plugin.

    Free Version Features :-

    • Login to WordPress using your LDAP credentials ( Additionally login with WordPress credentials supported if enabled )
    • Automatic user registration after login if the user is not already registered with your site.
    • Keep user profile information in sync with LDAP upon authentication.
    • Uses LDAP or LDAPS for secure connection to your LDAP Server.
    • Test connection to your LDAP server.
    • Test authentication using credentials stored in your LDAP server.
    • Ability to test against demo LDAP server and demo credentials.

    Premium Version Features (Check out the Licensing tab to know more):-

    • Multiple Search Containers: Authenticate users against multiple search bases.
    • Role Mapping: Mapping of LDAP groups to WordPress Roles upon authentication.
    • Multiple Username Attributes: Authenticate users against multiple user attributes like uid, cn, mail, sAMAccountName.
    • Fallback Login: Fallback to local password in case LDAP is unreacheable.
    • Multisite support: Available as a separate plugin
    • Add-ons: Add-ons for Integrations with plugins like Buddypress, WP User Manager Gravity Forms etc available. Contact Us if you need such integrations.
    • Profile Sync: Sync LDAP Profile with WordPress. (Available as an add-on)
    • Outbound LDAP Password Sync: Available as an add-on
    • Brute Force Protection: Available as an add-on
    • Failed Logon Notifications: User/Admin email notification on failed logon attempt. Contact us in case you require this functionality. Available as an add-on
    • Profile Photos Sync: Sync Profile Photos with WordPress. Available as an add-on
    • Single Sign-On: If you are looking for Single-Sign-On in addition to authentication with AD/LDAP and do not have any Identity Provider Yet. You can try out miniOrange On-Premise IdP.

    Add-ons List :-

    • Buddypress Extended Profiles integration add-on: Sync BuddyPress Extended Profiles with information from LDAP.
    • Directory Sync add-on: Sync users and user information from LDAP.
    • Kerberos/NTLM SSO add-on: Allow auto-login into website from a system joined to Active Directory domain.
    • BuddyPress Groups add-on: Assign BuddyPress groups to users based on LDAP group membership.
    • LDAP Search Widget add-on: Search interface to display user information from LDAP.
    • Gravity Forms add-on: Populate Gravity Forms with information from LDAP.
    • eMember add-on: Login to eMember profiles with LDAP Credentials.

    Why the free plugins are not sufficient? :-

    • With authentication being one of the essential functions of the day, a fast and priority support (provided in paid versions) ensure that any issues you face on a live production site can be resolved in a timely manner.
    • Regular updates to the premium plugin compatible with the latest WordPress version. The updates include security and bug fixes. These updates ensure that you are updated with the latest security fixes.
    • Ensure timely update for new WordPress/PHP releases with our premium plugins and compatibility updates to make sure you have adequate support for smooth transitions to new versions for WordPress and PHP.
    • Reasonably priced with various plans tailored to suit your needs.
    • Easy to setup with lots of support and documentation to assist with the setup.
    • High level of customization and add-ons to support specific requirements.

    Other Use-Cases we support :-

    • miniOrange also supports VPN usecases. Log in into your VPN client using Active Directory credentials and Multi-Factor Authentication.
    • Contact us at to know more.

    Need support?

    Please email us at or Contact us

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