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    Name Directory

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    This plugin adds name/term directories to your WordPress installation. They are like glossaries. The output on your website is like a glossary/index. I recommend you to take a look at the screenshots, they illustrate more than words.

    The Name Directory plugin was orginally developed for to show a directory of names to name your budgies.

    A name directory is a directory that contains entries with the following properties:

    • name
    • description
    • submitter

    You can create multiple directories with this plugin. Every directory can be embedded with a very simple shortcode which you can just copy-and-paste in your own pages and posts. Every directory has a few configuration options that customize the layout and functionality of the directory:

    • Show/Hide title
    • Show/Hide description
    • Show/Hide suggestion form
    • Show/Hide submitter name
    • Show/Hide search function (searches names/titles and description)
    • Show/Hide a horizontal rule between the entries
    • Show/Hide all entries when the user has not chosen an index-letter yet
    • Show/Hide the newest entries (and choose an amount of newest entries to show)
    • When you embed a directory, you can configure it to start with a letter of your choosing. E.g.: start on letter J.

    The administration view of this plugin has the familiar look and feel of (the rest of) the WordPress Administration panel. I have done my best to enable some AJAX-features in the administration panel, so you can work efficiently while adding new entries.

    Also featured since v1.7: .CSV-file import functionality

    Current supported languages:

    If you want to help with translations, please let me know on the support forums.

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