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    Jumplead Marketing Software

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    Having a great WordPress site optimised for SEO and Social is only the start of a complete inbound marketing process, you need to recognise and engage with your prospects over time, moving them through lifecycle stages with personalised marketing.

    Jumplead is designed to bring these capabilities to WordPress.

    Jumplead combines contact level analytics and email marketing with an onboard CRM to ensure complete visibility and scoring of prospect activity, along with advanced top tier inbound marketing automation features such as Progressive Profiling and Visitor Identification.


    1. Identify, chat and connect with Prospect Identification

    Identify and connect with prospects while they are active on your website; identify visiting organisations and returning prospects. Trigger sales team notifications.

    2. Convert visitors to leads with Conversion Forms and Landing Pages.

    Capture and profile your leads across web forms. Create, manage and score them automatically. Integrate Jumplead with your existing Jetpack, Formidable and Contact Form 7 web forms. Create contacts from your blog comments.

    3. Trigger targeted marketing with Marketing Automation.

    Use lead activity to automate sales team notifications, nurture autoresponders and lifecycle stage changes. Use existing Jetpack and Formidable forms to trigger marketing automations.

    4. Nurture leads with email Broadcasts and Autoresponders.

    Nurture leads through sales funnel stages based upon their individual activity; by sales stage, custom tags or contact properties. Create segmented lists based upon activity and preferences.

    5. Score and manage leads with Contacts CRM and Lifecycle Stages.

    Contact’s profiles pages are kept up to date by the information gathered from web forms, analytics and email campaign click-throughs.

    6. Track and improve performance with Marketing Analytics.

    Monitor conversion rates, traffic and campaigns. Track your search results positions for important keywords and phrases.

    Get Started

    Create a Free Account at to begin converting your inbound traffic into customers.

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