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    Simple WordPress CRM – UkuuPeople

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    UkuuPeople helps you elegantly manage all of your human relationships. UkuuPeople is the easiest CRM tool for WordPress. UkuuPeople effortlessly ties all of your contact interactions and contact data collection tools together to form one authoritative master list of all of your contacts and a record of your interactions with them.

    UkuuPeople keeps you in the know using four main elements:

    • Touchpoints. Track every interaction.

    • Tribes. Segment your Humans based on groups that are relevant to you.

    • Integrations. Extending the awesome.

    • Dashlets. Quick ways to interact with CRM data—personalized for you.

    UkuuPeople Features:

    • Manage your human relationships
    • Track your relationship activity using TouchPoints
    • Attach files to TouchPoint records
    • Quickly view upcoming schedule and favorite contacts with Dashlets
    • Build your email list
    • Schedule meetings and tasks then assign them to team members
    • Automatically collect data from front end forms
    • Share relationship data with your whole team
    • Capture donation or payment information and display in contact dashboard
    • … and much more!

    See all the features on the UkuuPeople Website.

    Visit the UkuuPeople Demo Site to:

    • Create client account pages
    • Creat a contact form
    • Create a donation page
    • Sell a product
    • Create a business directory
    • Build a mailing list

    UkuuPeople Demo Website

    Extend the Awesome

    UkuuPeople has a growing collection of add-ons to create an even more robust and full featured solution to your needs. You’ll find integrations with Gravity Forms, Opportunity/Lead Management, MailChimp, Give Donation Pages, Import/Export Tools, Google Apps and even more…

    Don’t miss out on the latest news!

    We’re constantly creating new features and premium add-ons. Don’t miss out. Join the Campfire. Tweet to us and like our Facebook page.

    Go get your people!

    You got this.
    Build a tribe.
    Or tribes.
    Strengthen your cause or sell your product.
    Go conquer the world!

    Docs & Support

    You can find docs, FAQ and more detailed information about UkuuPeople on (
    If you were unable to find the answer to your question on the FAQ or in any of the documentation, you should check the support knowledgebase.


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