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    Flyzoo Live Chat

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    Add a feature-rich chat to your website, perfectly integrated with the most popular membership and social network plugins.

    Flyzoo Chat provides all you need to reach, connect and engage your community.

    Designed for dating websites, forums, webinars, social networks, traders, gamers, radio stations, events… and any other kind of site looking to connect users and boost engagement.

    Start your 14-day free trial now. Need more time to get started? Just open a support ticket, and we’ll extend your chat trial.

    Ready for BuddyPress and Ultimate Member.


    • Single Sign On: members can log in and chat with their existing accounts

    • Friends & Profile Sync: usernames, avatars and friends are automatically synchronized with the chat

    • Group Chat: create multiple, full-featured chat rooms with emojis, moderation, image and video preview, file sharing and much more!

    • Embeddable Chat: embed group chats into your pages to improve the user experience (PRO+ Plan)

    • Private (one to one) Chat: users can have multiple private chat conversations at the same time

    • Cloud-based: enjoy a fast message delivery without using your server’s resources

    • Chat Moderation: ignore and ban users, block IPs and control swearing in chat rooms with customizable bad words filter, control the maximum message length and send rate to reduce spam

    • Role-based access: restrict access to group chats depending on the user role (i.e. paid, pro…), perfect for sites with paid membership levels (JUMBO+ Plan)

    • In-browser chat experience: browse the site and chat at the same time, resize or minimize chats

    • File sharing (PRO+ Plan)

    • Live Support Chat: customize online/offline greeting messages. Support requests are automatically routed to the first available operator

    • Real-time visitors monitoring: identify and chat with potential customers to increase sales! (PRO+ Plan)

    • Pop out chat windows: enjoy group chats in external browser windows

    • Customization: customize colors, layout, and features

    • Eye-catching design: sleek, modern chat interface

    • Responsive: App-like chat layout on mobile devices

    • SSL: chat encryption for HTTPS/SSL based websites

    • Chat History: group and private chat history & transcripts

    • Multilanguage: chat interface already available in 20 languages.

    • Side chat mode: use a site-wide, global group chat

    • User list mode: show a chat list with users, friends, group chats and recent conversations

    • Allow Subdomains: i.e., allowed from the same subscription (PRO+ Plan)

    • Connect Domains: connect more sites under the same chat (JUMBO+ Plan)

    • Javascript API

    • REST API: create users, group chats and much more right from your server (ULTRA+ Plan)

    Live Support Features

    Live support chat is essential to increase conversions and sales. See where visitors came from and what page they are on, chat with potential customers and increase sales!

    All the most valuable insights are available at a glance:

    • Current visited page and pageviews
    • Keywords and Campaign data (utm source, campaign, medium, search terms)
    • Referrer
    • Returning visitor


    Ultimate Member

    • Avatars and profile link (more coming soon!)


    Avatars, Profile link and friends.

    Avatar Plugins

    The chat will automatically pull the avatars from the following plugins:

    • Gravatar
    • User Avatar
    • WP User Avatar
    • Simple Local Avatars
    • UserPro (
    • Ultimate Member
    • Users Ultra


    Chat interface available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Finnish, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Persian (Farsi), Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Japanese, Swedish, Czech, Serbian, Danish, Chinese, Dutch, Greek and Romanian.
    Need another language? Contact us!

    Questions? Contact us now!

    Flyzoo Chat – Customer Support >>

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