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    LiveAgent – Live chat & Helpdesk

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    Do you want to engage and live chat with your website visitors? Do you want to handle email tickets, answer voice chats, Tweet or Facebook chat, create and manage knowledge base from one place? With LiveAgent Live Chat & Helpdesk, you are just a click away.
    LiveAgent is a powerful “all-in-one” customer support software used by small and medium sized businesses. Installation is fast and easy and no coding skills are required.

    What is LiveAgent in 1 Minute

    LiveAgent Features

    LiveAgent offers 179+ features and fuctions and more are added on regular basis. The main features are listed below:

    1. Live Chat
      Your customers can connect with you in real time using a live chat button on your website. Studies show that live chat increases conversions and the total volume of sales.

    2. Help Desk
      Your customers can reach you by emails (you can scan unlimited number of mail accounts and sort emails into multiple departments) You can answer emails in same way as if it would be chat – customer will get immediate answers.

    3. Customer Portal
      In case your support is not online, your customers can leave you an offline message, which will be later asnwered by email.

    4. Facebook
      Connecting with Facebook enables you to respond to Facebook messages, posts or comments directly from LiveAgent, along with other customer requests.

    5. Twitter
      Connecting with Twitter enables you to do brand monitoring and respond to tweets that require action. Responses are directly sent as tweets.

    6. Knowledge Base & Forum
      Create categories in your Customer portal based on your products, services or types of customers. Add knowledge base articles, Forums or feedback boards. Create knowledge base search widgets, and provide customers with easy acccess to your knowledge base articles.

    You can keep full history of conversations with your customers and you have full overview of interactions on one page.

    Plugin features

    • Integrates WordPress with live chat
    • Instantly adds a chat button to your WordPress pages, no HTML or coding required
    • Multilingual support (39 languages available)


    Arbitrary section

    Now, for html form generation purposes php libraby htmlForm from is used.

    If you have any thoughts how to make this plugin better, do not hasitate to leave your ideas in plugin forum, or write an email to


    This plugin is currently localized in the following languages:

    • Slovak (sk_SK) by Qualityunit
    • Hungarioan (hu_HU) by Qualityunit
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