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    FrescoChat – Live Chat

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    Bring the power and simplicity of FrescoChat to your website.

    Learn more about us at


    • Chat on our Web chat dashboard or install apps for your desktop or mobile. All platforms and OS supported.

    • Set up your working hours and FrescoChat will manage your online / offline status: Create as many time ranges as you need for your breaks or build complex weekly shift schemes for your agents

    • Stay connected from multiple devices: FrescoChat will follow you wherever you are

    • Use it as a contact widget when no agent is connected


    • Departments: Group agents into departments, let the web visitor decide to which department they want to chat

    • Let the user select the agent he wants to contact

    • Intelligent routing: FrescoChat will look for the least busy operator, and send chat requests to agents in a round robin fashion, if there’s no response, will send an alert to the next available agent

    • Agent to agent chat: Being Jabber based, you chat with other agents the same way you use to do it it with your current messaging client

    • Transfer chats: Transfer your chat session to a specific agent, department, or simply to the next agent available


    • Add custom form fields to your pre-chat and offline form with lots of customization options

    • Use our default fixed-position chat bar or pick your own clickable images to popup the chatbox

    • Select your own attention grabber

    • Choose from dozens of themes for your chat box and chat bar

    • Translate / Localize messages and texts on chat box

    • Set up chat box size, position and even zoom.

    and more… Check all of our features at

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