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    All-in-One Event Calendar

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    The All-in-One Event Calendar from Timely is a beautiful way to list your events in WordPress and easily share them with the rest of the world.

    Our events calendar is easy to manage. Combines clean visual design with a powerful set of features to create the most advanced website calendar system available for WordPress.

    Get Add-ons

    Download add-ons at to get more features, like:

    Import and Export Events

    Timely events calendar offers full ics/ical support. You can import events from other Website calendars and offer users the ability to subscribe to your events calendar.

    Importing and exporting iCalendar (.ics) feeds is one of the strongest features of the All-in-One Event Calendar system. Enter an event on one site and you can have it appear automatically in another website’s calendar. You can even send events from a specific category or tag (or combination of categories and tags).

    Even More Features

    Our events calendar has many features we hope will prove useful to users, including:

    • Recurring events including complex patterns.
    • Filtering by event category or tag.
    • Easy sharing with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook and any other system that accepts iCalendar (.ics) feeds.
    • Embedded Google Maps.
    • Color-coded events based on category.
    • Featured event images and category images.
    • Day view
    • Week view
    • Month view
    • Agenda view
    • Posterboard view
    • Upcoming Events widget.
    • Direct links to filtered calendar views.
    • Theme options to customize your calendar appearance.
    • Inline Calendar Theme editor.
    • Import other calendars automatically to display in your calendar.
    • Categorize and tag imported calendar feeds automatically.
    • Plugin can also be easily imported.
    • Each event is SEO-optimized.
    • Each event links to the original calendar.
    • Your calendar can be embedded into a WordPress page without needing to create template files or modify the theme.


    Timely is supported by a committed group of translators offering languages files in numerous languages including:

    • German
    • French
    • Russian
    • Italian
    • Dutch
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese
    • Swedish
    • Polish
    • Danish
    • Spanish
    • Bulgarian
    • Greek
    • Hungarian
    • Latvian

    You can help translate by going to

    Become the Hub of your community

    If your goal is to run a community events calendar, Timely’s All-in-one Event Calendar has everything you’ll need.

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