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    Yendif Player (Video Player & Audio Player)

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    Do you need an elegant and optimistic video and audio content sharing plugin? Then this is the right choice for you. The Yendif Player WordPress Plugin makes immensely easy for you to deliver Flash and HTML5 media through your WordPress website. Its a pliable,reliable and portable plugin which fulfil the user’s annoyance in plugins. This plugin has been developed by Yendif Technologies Pvt Ltd, the creator of the Yendif Player itself.




    Video Player

    Yendif Video Player is designed to create video playback.

    • Supported Video formats are MP4, M4V, WEBM, OGG, RTMP, FLV, HLS and YouTube.
    • Supports subtitles.
    • Poster images can be added for videos.
    • Supports a vast amount of configuration settings at backend which can be changed as per your requirement.

    Audio Player

    Yendif Audio Player is designed to create an awesome audio playback.

    • Supported Audio formats are MP3, WAV, OGG.
    • Multiple audio files can be added as a playlist.
    • Poster images can be added for audio file similar to videos.

    Video Playlist

    You can create your own Video Playlist.

    • Videos can be added to Single or Multiple Playlists.
    • These playlists can be added to page or posts directly through shortcode.
    • These playlists can be combined together to form Thumbnail Video Galleries.

    Audio Playlist

    Similar to video, You can create Audio Playlist. Even for audio, single and multiple playlists can be created. These playlists can be added to page or posts directly through shortcode.

    Thumbnail Video Galleries

    A major part of this plugin is that you can create your Thumbnail Video Galleries.

    • The Video Galleries can be added to page or posts, in an easy way using Video ID(s) or Playlist(Category) ID(s).
    • Has flexible shortcode options to control the display order in thumbnail video galleries.(Latest, Popular, Random, A-Z, Z-A).
    • Videos can be marked as featured and added to page or posts as Featured Videos Gallery.
    • Playlists(Categories) itself can be added as a gallery.


    • Widgets can be added as per selected themes and each widget has its own configuration settings.
    • Separate widgets for Playlist(Category), Latest, Popular, Related and Featured Videos.
    • Videos can be searched through WordPress built-in search widget.


    This video gallery plugin works well with Flash and Html5 Engine. It is compatible to all browsers and mobile devices.


    It scales well in Responsive Layouts. You can set your required ratio(0.5625,0.625,0.75,0.67,1,0.417,…). The player will use the full width of its container/html element and scale its height according to the ratio.

    Layout Settings

    Video player and gallery plugin provides two themes to display your player.(Black and White). This option gives your player a different look and feel.

    Other Traits

    • Supports Google Analytics to track media audience and traffic.
    • Possess a pretty background interface to upload and configure your videos and audios easily at one place.
    • Completely supports WordPress Permalinks and Internationalization.
    • [+] Supports all the player configuration options from Yendif Player standalone version[].

    Premium Features

    • Share to Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, GPlus, Linkedin & Pinterest) websites.
    • Download Video.
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