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    SoundCloud Is Gold

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    The only way to a create a better plugin is to listen to you, the users. I created a super short survey with questions around possible new features and asking what you like or hate about the plugin. It’s very short and only take a few minutes at most., Thank you for your support

    New Widget to display latest and random track, favorites or sets for one user, multiple users or random users.

    Soundcloud is Gold integrates perfectly into wordpress. Browse through your soundcloud tracks, playlists and favorites from the ‘Soundcloud is gold’ tab in the post’s ‘upload media’ popup window. Select, set and add track, playlists, favorites to your post using the soundcloud player. Live Preview, easy, smart and straightforward.
    You can set default settings in the option page, choose your defaut soundcloud player style, it’s width, add extra classes for you CSS lovers, show comments, autoplay and set your favorite color.
    You’ll also be able to set players to different settings before adding to your post if you fancy a one off change.

    Save multiple users, very useful for labels, collectives or artists with many projects.

    Soundcloud is Gold use a shortcode but the “Soundcloud is Gold” tab will write it for you dynamically as you select parameters, and on top of this it will provide a nice live preview of your player so you know what does what. When done just press the ‘insert soundcloud player’ and it will added to your post just like when you’re adding a photo or gallery.

    If you love it please rate it! If you use it and want to help, donations are always welcomed or you could like, tweet or spread the love on your blog 😉

    Latest developments updates on twitter: #soundcloudisgold or follow me on twitter

    Check out my TM soundcloud profile, more mighty mess.


    • Browse through your soundcloud tracks, sets and favorites from a tab in the media upload window (see screenshot), no need to go back and forth between soundcloud and your website.
    • Save multiple users, very useful for labels, collectives or artists with many projects
    • Live Preview in the Tab, see what does what instantly (see screenshot).
    • Integrates perfectly with wordpress media upload by using the same listing style that you get with the images (see screenshot).
    • See track’s info directly in the tab (description, url, cover, etc…).
    • Set default settings from the option page (see screenshot):
      • Default player type (Standard, Artwork, Visual)
      • Width
      • Extra Classes for the div that wraps around the player
      • Auto Play
      • Show/Hide Comments
      • Player’s Colors
    • Use shortcode
    • Plugin construct shortode for you, no need to remember any syntax.
    • Styled sortcode for neat layout in your editor.
    • Implement Soundcloud Html5 player.
    • Widget for showing latest and random track, favorites or sets for one user, multiple users or random users.
    • Follow WP developpers guidelines (enqueue scripts and styles just for the plugin, clean code, commented, secure and leave no trace when uninstall ).
    • https support

    Advantages against pasting embed code from soundcloud

    • By changing the main settings in the options, all players on your site using the default settings will change. If green isn’t trendy anymore and black is the new white, it won’t be a problem and you keep your street credibility safe.
    • If Soundcloud update their player or release a even cooler new player that let you scratch your track while streaming to google+, I will most defenetly update the plugin to use those new features.

    That’s just my opinion of course…



    • Contextual On-boarding to help new users getting to know the plugin
    • Use your own API key (which mean you’re not dependent of the rate_limit attached to my key )
    • Advance Settings (change background color and comments color, playcounts, buy link, font, wmode, etc, show/hide styled shortcode, number of tracks per page)
    • Other soundcloud shortcode conflict fix (jetpack)
    • Update to the way Settings are handled to be even more inline with WordPress settings API.
    • Live search while typing a name in the user name field. So if you’re looking for someone it’s kind of easier.
    • Better UX for the editor: clicking to edit should know if which user and if it’s a track/playlist/favourite
    • Better UX for the editor: Better visual to actually know what the track is just by looking at it.


    • Seperate playlists into playlist types (ep, album, etc…)
    • Url attribute for shortcode: easier for people using the shortcode manually.
    • Trigger live preview when changing Soundcloud user name
    • Add ‘activities’ to the widget
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