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    WP LinkedIn

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    Following the modifications to the LinkedIn developer program, version 2.0 of
    this plugin introduces breaking changes. More information on

    This plugin provides you with shortcodes to insert your full LinkedIn profile
    and a rotating scroller of your LinkedIn recommendations in any WordPress page
    or post. Please check for

    The following shortcodes are available:

    • [li_recommendations width="480" length="200" interval="1000"] displays a
      rotating scroller with the recommendations you received. Only available if
      LinkedIn granted you access to your full profile.
    • [li_profile] displays your LinkedIn profile. Optional attributes
      are fields and lang to overide the general settings. Only basic profile is
      available unless LinkedIn granted you access to your full profile.
    • [li_card] displays a simple LinkedIn card. Optional attributes
      are picture_width and summary_length, and fields and lang to overide
      the general settings.
    • [li_picture] displays the original profile picture (size may vary depending
      on what you uploaded to LinkedIn). Optional attributes are width, height
      and class.
    • [li_profile_field] outputs one field from the profile. This shortcode uses
      the “field” attribute to indicate the path to the target field. For example
      [li_profile_field field=”first-name”] will output the profile’s first name and
      [li_profile_field field=”location:name”] will output the name of the profile’s

    To customize the rendering of the shortcodes you must create a linkedin folder
    in your theme or in the wp-content folder and then copy the template file you
    want to modify. The default template files are located in the plugin’s templates folder.

    See this post for more details on customization: Showing more of your LinkedIn
    profile with WP LinkedIn

    There are also several widgets. One widget displays the recommendations
    scroller, one displays your network updates, and two widgets show a “profile
    card” – one of which is the standard LinkedIn JavaScript profile widget, the
    other uses a customizable template.

    ATTENTION: Since v1.6 the call to add the javascript for the recommendations
    slider to the page as been moved to the recommendations.php template. If you
    customized that template you must add the following line to the top of your
    custom template: wp_enqueue_script('responsive-scrollable');

    We welcome volunteers to translate that plugin into more languages. If you wish
    to help then contact @cvedovini on Twitter or
    use that contact form.

    Please check the WP LinkedIn Multi-Users
    extension if you need to show the profiles of multiple users.

    And if you need to show company profiles or company updates, please check the
    WP LinkedIn for Companies

    Also available is the WP LinkedIn Advanced Templates
    extension that provides extended profile templates (including most of the
    profile sections) and a more sophisticated template for company page updates.

    And if you want to save money then there’s the WP LinkedIn Extensions Bundle
    which includes all the extensions for a reduced price.


    Following is the list of people and projects who helped me with this plugin,
    many thanks to them 🙂

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