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    Flow-Flow Social Stream

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    WordPress Social Stream lets you aggregate and stream social feeds in a beautiful responsive social media walls on your WordPress website. Make any combinations of social feeds with Flow-Flow! Display social media posts from multiple sources on any page of your WordPress website. For example, you can have 5 Facebook feeds, 7 Twitter feeds and 3 Instagram feeds connected with the same single stream. Visitors to your website will be able to observe all of your latest posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest in one social flow! Social streaming plugin for WordPress is a great way to engage your audience and grow your social capital.


    • 4 biggest social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
    • Cross browser: IE9+ and Other Modern Browsers
    • Smart caching
    • AJAX loading and PageSpeed optimized
    • User-friendly admin
    • Fast CSS3 transitions and animations
    • Hardware accelerated CSS3 3D Transforms
    • Smart loading assets
    • Optimized for any screen sizes and Touch Devices
    • Responsive layout
    • Design settings
    • Translate ready
    • Multisite compatible
    • Well documented

    Looking for other sources like other social networks, WordPress posts and RSS? More sources and tons of fantastic features are available in PRO version! Check out comparison table

    PRO version features

    • More sources to stream. In total 14 networks including Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Vine, Dribbble, Flickr and others + WordPress posts and RSS feeds. Full list of sources
    • Pre-moderation approval system
    • Additional stream layouts: boxed/justified galleries, fixed-height grid
    • Easy one-click API authentication
    • Sharing buttons to increase user engagement
    • Social media counters like comments, likes, views
    • Admin filtering rules for feeds (excluding by words, usernames, URLs)
    • Lightbox galleries for images, videos and regular posts
    • Drag&Drop card builder
    • Advanced responsive settings
    • Loading more posts to grid via AJAX
    • Networks sorting and search bar on top of your stream
    • Database snapshots
    • Powerful plugin extensions
    • Fast and premium support

    Upgrade to PRO! Check out comparison table

    Performance and Security

    Smart caching with server task allows to deliver content blazingly fast without long page loading. It’s especially crucial when many networks are pulled or you have big traffic. It’s great to use this plugin for streaming your news, photos, reviews and any other content you can imagine!

    Plugin doesn’t expose your private details (like tokens, app IDs and app secrets) to browser so we provide 100% security for any sensitive data.

    How it works

    You create streams in Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream admin and copy generated shortcodes. Then you put these shortcodes in any block on any page of your site. When social stream is shown first time, it’s got cached (takes more time for initial caching but then it will show blazingly fast) and rest of visitors see this cache for cache lifetime. So for example if you have set 20 min cache and 10000 users visit your site within these 20 min, it’s only one time plugin will request API to pull data, for the rest of time users will see cached data almost instantly. Considering that server runs cache renew task in background it guarantees plugin’s amazing performance.

    Looking for even more? More sources and tons of fantastic features are available in PRO version! Check out Live demo

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