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    This is a simple widget that shows your recent tweets. It also supports caching, so you won’t exceed the API call limit.

    What this plugin offers:

    • Show your Twitter feed as a widget
    • Customize number of shown tweets
    • Customize if you want to show retweets or replies
    • Show profile box
    • Customize entire HTML output (and use custom variables to customize your feed output)
    • Twitter API 1.1 support
    • Show Twitter times in clients timezone
    • Support for over 30 languages (date output)

    Creating a Twitter application

    To use the Twitter 1.1 API you need to create an application. Follow this Youtube tutorial to create it.

    Custom HTML output

    You can fully customize your HTML output via variables. Some variables can only be used inside a feed loop, others anywhere. Before you output a Twitter feed, you must write the following:

    // Your other data here ...

    Once inside a loop, you can use any of the following variables:

    {$tweet_text} - the text of the tweet
    {$tweet_time} - the time of the tweet
    {$tweet_location} - the location of the tweet (example: Budapest)
    {$retweet} - outputs a ready retweet link with the text Retweet, opens in new tab
    {$reply} - outputs a ready reply link with the text Reply, opens in new tab
    {$favorite} - outputs a favorite link with the text Favorite, opens in new tab
    {$retweet_link} - returns URL of retweet link
    {$reply_link} - returns URL of reply link
    {$favorite_link} - returns URL of favorite link
    {$tweet_link} - returns URL of tweet

    Outside a loop or inside a loop you can use the following:

    {$profile_image} - the url to the profile image of the user
    {$user_real_name} - the real name of the user
    {$user_twitter_name} - username of the twitter user
    {$url} - website url of the user
    {$user_description} - description of the user
    {$user_location} - user location
    {$follower_count} - number of followers
    {$friends_count} - number of friends
    {$profile_image_normal_url} - return URL of tweet profile image - 48x48 px size (if retweet in loop, returns original tweet profile image)
    {$profile_image_bigger_url} - return URL of tweet profile image - 73x73 px size (if retweet in loop, returns original tweet profile image)
    {$profile_image_mini_url} - return URL of tweet profile image - 24x24px size (if retweet in loop, returns original tweet profile image)
    {$profile_image_original_url} - return URL of tweet profile image - original size (if retweet in loop, returns original tweet profile image)

    For example if you want to output Twitter text, a retweet link, a custom favorite link and some data behind the feed, you would do the following:

        <li>{$tweet_text}<br />on {$tweet_time}<br />{$retweet} | <a href="{$favorite_link}">Favorite this tweet</a></li>
    I have {$follower_count} followers and {$friends_count} friends.

    And this is basically it.


    The author of this plugin is Bostjan Cigan, visit the homepage.

    Thank you

    A big thank you goes to all the people that take the time to post a support thread on the forum. It helps this plugin to stay alive and work as
    it should.

    I would also like to thank to the following WordPress forum members that have helped me found and eradicated some nasty bugs:


    Thank you to the following people who have donated so far:

    • Aaron
    • Corinne
    • Civil Society Trust
    • Kay Grant
    • JD Kitchens
    • Rachel Young

    I appreciate your support!

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