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    WP Jump Menu

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    It will take 30 seconds to realize you can not live without this plugin.

    Creates a drop-down menu in the admin area which makes it easy to jump to a page, post, custom post type or media file for editing.

    • One click and you’re editing!
    • Shift+Click and you’re viewing the page on the front end!


    UPDATE: Now featuring Chosen JavaScript library for select menu styling and functionality.

    Sick of having to go to your Posts list or Pages list to edit an entry? Me too.

    The WP Jump Menu plugin is a useful plugin that adds a drop-down “jump” menu to the bottom or top of the WordPress admin area which allows you to select from a list of pages, posts or custom post types and jump right into editing that page.

    Why is this needed?

    By adding this ability, you can save TONS OF TIME when editing a bunch of posts or pages. No more do you have to click on Pages, and then search for the right page in the list, and then click on the title or on edit. Simply find the page or post in the drop-down (which is neatly organized and indented) and it will jump to edit that page or post.


    The plugin comes with an options page where you can edit the position of the jump bar (top or bottom of the screen, or in the WordPress admin bar), whether or not to use Chosen (which features searching through the drop down!), the background color, font color, link color, border color and the icon and message that optionally get displayed on the left hand side (only when not in the WordPress admin bar), status colors, and many more options.

    Great for theme developers to help clients navigate in the admin area of WordPress.

    We use this plugin on all of our projects and decided it was time to release it to the world!


    Please provide feedback for this plugin to help improve it! Having issues?!? Post in the support forum and I will fix it right away!

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