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    Page Specific Menu Items

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    This plugin allows users to select menu items to show per page. One menu different menu items for different pages.
    Also allows users choose which menu to use for cherrypicking menu items page wise.

    Please read the readme.txt file line by line before commenting. If you find any bugs/issues please report and I’ll try to fix them asap.
    Want me to keep updating this plugin with extra features? Rate this plugin.

    ABOUT SUPPORT I get messages (one on average per week) from users who are not happy that this plugin didn’t work as per their requirement. Some message are like, ‘your plugin has this and that issue and you should fix them for us’. There might not be bugs on this plugin; you just want to customize per your need or it might be the plugin limitation.

    If few users point out the same issue, I’ll try to fix as soon as possible. But if it’s something that you want to modify this plugin as per your requirement or add some custom features or want on demand support consider hiring a developer or contact me if you want me to work for you.

    How to make this plugin work?

    • Create a menu from appearance > menus
    • Select the menu you want to use from settings > PS MenuItems > Select Menu
    • Assign the menu to menu location from appearance > menus
    • Check the items you want to hide from pages > edit > Page Specific Menu Items
    • View the page and the selected items should be gone.

    How does this plugin works?

    • This plugin adds ‘hide_this_item’ class to selected menu items.

    Shall I install plugin first or create menu first?

    • It does not matter whether you first create menu and then install this plugin or vice versa.

    Does this plugin works on custom post type pages?

    • Yes it does.

    This plugin does not work for me?

    • It should since it works by adding class. Only case it does not work is when ‘hide_this_item’ rules is overriden by other syles (having low value in specificity).
    • This is not actually this plugins issue.

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