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    You are reading the readme.txt file for the wp-forecast plugin.
    wp-forecast is a plugin for the famous wordpress blogging package,
    showing the weather-data from and/or
    please also refer to the terms of usage of and


    • Displays the weather data from and or
      at your wordpress pages, posts or sidebar
    • Let you choose the
      • location (of course)
      • the time after the weather data is refreshed
      • the langugage (currently only english or german are
      • metric or american measures
      • windspeed unit
      • the forecast days
      • the daytime forecast for up to nine/seven days
      • the nighttime forecast for up to nine nights
    • support wordpress widgets, easy placement 🙂
    • customize the information you want to show
    • supports pull-down forecast data to efficiently use space
    • multiple wp-forecast widget support
    • integration into your site via css (see below)
    • comes with an api for wordpress-pro’s 😉
    • comes with a checklist to validate your connection settings


    • Barbary Jany testing a lot and bring it to valid XHTML
    • Frans Lieshout
      Wim Scholtes translation to dutch
    • Luís Reis translation to portugues
    • HÃ¥kan Carlström,
      Susanne Svensso translation to swedish
    • Gabriele von der Ohe translation to german with entities
      (for iso-8859-1 or latin1 blogs)
    • Martin Loyer/Jean-Pierre translation to french
    • Robert Lang language file for en_US
    • Detti Giulio/Stefano Boeri translation to italian
    • Eilif Nordseth translation to norwegian
    • Michael S.R. Petersen translation to dansk
    • Jaakko Kangosjärvi translation to finish
    • Lukasz “linshi” Linhard translation to polish
    • Castmir translation to spanish
    • Tamas Koos translation to hungarian
    • Valeria Pellegrini translation to russian
    • Valentina Boeri translation to romanian
    • Roland Geci translation to slovak
    • Pavel Soukenik translation to czech
    • Pavel Karnaukhov translation to ukraine
    • Zoran Maric translation to serbian (latin)
    • Petar Petrov translation to bulgarian
    • Udi Burg translation to hebrew
    • Uli Kozok translation to indonesian
    • Ali Zemani translation to persian
    • Amizda Idriz translation to bosnian
      +Lovrenco Vladislavić translation to croatian

    • All the others giving feedback about missing features and bugs.
      Thank you very much for your contribution to wp-forecast.


    wp-forecast comes with various translations, located in the directory lang.
    if you would like to add a new translation, just take the file
    wp-forecast.pot (in the wp-forecast main directory) copy it to
    wp-forecast_-.po and edit it to add your translations
    (e.g. with poedit).

    Please be aware that the number codes stand for the weather-situations.
    you can see the mapping in wp-forecast-en_US-en_US.po. there are also
    the letters N, S, W, E they stand for the winddirections and can be
    translates either.

    To use your own translation, a different one as the default just rename the
    appropriate file wp-forecast_-.po and

    To add your translations online at the Translate WordPress project please visit This should be the prefered
    way from now on.

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    Published10 years ago

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