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    WP Cloudy

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    WP Cloudy is a flexible and easy to use weather plugin that allows you to create unlimited different weather using Custom Post Types and Open Weather Map API.

    Create a weather, select your city, choose the options and customize the look in a few clicks.

    Embed it anywhere with the shortcode automatically generated by copy and paste in posts, pages, text widgets, or directly in the PHP files of your theme.

    With Custom Post Types, you minimize maintenance: change some settings to automatically change all weather with the same shortcode instantly.

    Latest features

    • NEW! Forecast precipitations
    • NEW! Support language packs for translations
    • NEW! Weather now automatically adapts to its parent container (min width: 200px)
    • NEW! Automatic background image based on weather (Skins add-on required)
    • NEW! Translation: huge simplification! Everything is now translated via PO/MO files! Works perfectly with WPML. No need to select language in WP Cloudy basic tab.
    • NEW! Import/export settings from site to another site
    • NEW! Responsive design for Skins add-on
    • NEW! AJAX
    • NEW! Responsive design
    • NEW! Autocompletion / suggestion for search cities and countries in admin using Twitter Typeahead (jQuery 1.9 required)


    • 200 000 cities
    • Hours forecast
    • 5-days forecast
    • Metric/Imperial
    • 12/24 format
    • Custom datas:
      • Current weather
      • Hour forecast
      • 14-day Forecast
      • Current Weather map
      • Wind
      • Humidity
      • Pressure
      • Cloudiness
      • Current temperature
      • Min-max temperatures
      • Average temperature
      • Sunrise – sunset
    • Unlimited weathers
    • Cache system
    • Open Weather Map API
    • Dashboard Weather
    • Flat and retina design : CSS3, SVG…
    • Global Options panel
    • No ads
    • Weather map with layers: current weather, stations, clouds, precipitation, snow, wind, temperature, pressure
    • And many many more! Check all features

    Premium Add-ons

    For developers

    Templating system: Create your custom weather template with WP Cloudy


    • English
    • French
    • Italian (thanks to
    • Hungarian (thanks to Tom)
    • Hebrew (thanks to Ben Klinger)
    • Polish (thanks to Marcello/Rafal Wronowski)
    • Russian (thanks to Andrea)
    • Danish (thanks to Carsten Klingenberg)
    • German (thanks to Lutz Bennert)
    • Portuguese (thanks to Deoclides Neto)
    • Spanish (thanks to Wladimir Espinoza Durán)
    • Chilean (thanks to Wladimir Espinoza Durán)
    • Dutch (thanks to Age de Jong)
    • Add yours!

    Requesting a feature

    A feature is missing in WP Cloudy? Contact us!

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    SEOPress: our new freemium plugin to optimize your SEO with WordPress

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