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    WP External Links (nofollow new window seo)

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    Configure settings for all internal and external links on your site.

    === NEW: Version 2 ===
    WPEL plugin was completely rebuilt and has lots of new features, like “noopener”, font icons, internal links options and WPMU settings.


    • Open links in new window or tab
    • Add “follow” or “nofollow”
    • Add “noopener” and “noreferrer” (for security)
    • Add link icons (font icons: font awesome, dashicons)
    • Set other attributes like title and CSS classes
    • Scan posts, comments, widgets or the whole page
    • Better SEO

    And more…

    • Network Settings (WPMU support)
    • Use template tag to apply plugin settings on specific contents
    • Set data-attribute to change how individual links will be treated
    • Use action and filters to implement your specific needs

    Easy to use

    After activating you can set all options for external and internal links on the plugins admin page.

    On the fly

    The plugin filters the output and changes the links on the fly. The real contents (posts, pages, widget etcetera) will not be changed in the database.
    When deactivating the plugin, all contents will be the same as it was before.


    • PHP version 5.3 or up
    • WordPress version 4.2 or up

    If you want support for older versions of PHP or WordPress then download and install version 1.81 of this plugin.


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    After activating you can set all options for external and internal links.

    Data attribute “data-wpel-link”

    Links being processed by this plugin will also contain the data-attribute data-wpel-link.
    The plugin could set the value to external, internal or exclude, meaning how the
    link was processed.

    You can also set the data-attribute yourself. This way you can force how the plugin will process
    certain links.

    When you add the value ignore, the link will be completely ignored by the plugin:

    <a href="" data-wpel-link="ignore">Go to somedomain</a>

    Action “wpel_link”

    Use this action to change the link object after all plugin settings have been applied.

    add_action( 'wpel_link', ( $link_object ) {
        if ( $link_object->is_external() ) {
            // get current url
            $url = $link_object->getAttribute( 'href' );
            // set redirect url
            $redirect_url = '//'. urlencode( $url );
            $link_object->setAttribute( 'href', $redirect_url );
    }, 10, 1 );

    The link object is an instance of WPEL_Link class.

    Action hook “wpel_before_apply_link”

    Use this action to change the link object before the plugin settings will be applied on the link.
    You can use this filter f.e. to ignore individual links from being processed. Or change dynamically how
    they will be treated by this plugin.

    add_action( 'wpel_before_apply_link', function ( $link ) {
        // ignore links with class "some-cls"
        if ( $link->has_attr_value( 'class', 'some-cls' ) ) {
        // mark and treat links with class "ext-cls" as external link
        if ( $link->has_attr_value( 'class', 'ext-cls' ) ) {
    }, 10 );

    Filter hook “wpel_apply_settings”

    When filter returns false the plugin settings will not be applied. Can be used when f.e. certain posts or pages should be ignored by this plugin.

    add_filter( 'wpel_apply_settings', '__return_false' );

    See FAQ for more info.

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