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    Local SEO and Business Listings

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    The Local SEO and Business Listings WordPress Plugin allows you to optimize your local business website through a step by step Local SEO Guide, a host of search engine optimization tools proven to increase Google – Bing – Yahoo local search rankings, a business listings scan tool, as well as, available functionality to create, correct and aggregate your local business listings on over 50 of the top Business Listings websites like Yelp,, Bing Places for Business and many more.

    SEO expertise is NOT required to utilize this Plugin and optimize your website for Local Search. With the Step by Step Local SEO Guide we will walk you through the process.

    Core Plugin Functionality

    1. Local SEO Road Maps
    2. Keyword Research Tool
    3. Competitor Keyword Spy Tool
    4. Suggested Content Submission Websites
    5. Proprietary Keyword Effectiveness Index – Judge how easy it will be to rank for specific keywords and how effective those keywords will be for your business.
    6. Business Listing Scan – Scan your business listings to see where you have missing listings or incorrect listings across the web.
    7. Local SEO Videos and Tutorials Updated Regularly – Get the latest information about optimizing your business for local search and tutorials on how to best utilize your Local SEO Tools.

    Additional Available Local SEO Tools

    1. Competitor Analysis
    2. Web Analytics
    3. Search Metrics
    4. Social Engagement
    5. Web Buzz Monitoring
    6. Website & Content Submission Tools
    7. Backlink Quality Check
    8. Competitor Backlink Spy
    9. Landing Page Optimization Tools
    10. Website SEO Audit
    11. Sitemap Generator
    12. Internal Link Audit and Optimization
      … and much, much more.

    There are literally to many tools and features to list.

    Local Business Listings

    With one click you can run a Local Business Listings Report to see where you have missing or incorrect citations (business listings) across all the major local business aggregation websites like Yelp,, Facebook, Bing Local, Google My Business and more.

    Additional Available Local Listings Functionality

    This plugin also has the additional available functionality to allow you to seamlessly create or correct all business listing errors found in the business listing scan. You will also have additional monitoring and local listing updating features which will enable you to post to all your local listings at once with fresh information and content like announcements, coupons, deals, special events and more.

    This Plugin gives you everything you need to out rank and crush your competitors in local search.

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