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    Complete Google SEO Scan

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    Scan many on-page search engine optimization factors of your webpages, mostly selected from Google webmaster guidelines and PageSpeed rules, as standard.

    Where you begin, an overview report for website content, server and design is presented beautifully for easy understanding. To see content report you need to perform easy, one-click scans on your webpages. All published webpages are listed in different post type categories.

    When you request a scan, the plugin sends a crawler robot to the webpages and crawls the content along with other related data. Then it processes data and displays a easy to understand report.

    The report will contain an overall analysis of the webpage in 7 aspects:

    Overall score with social media counts.

    On top of everything a rating is given out of 5 stars. Score calculation dependds on matrices taken from popular seo blogs and services. You can change it any time, visiting settings panel. Also you can see Google +1s, Facebook shares and Tweets, and determine social media popularity.

    Search engine snippet with highlighted keyword.

    A preview of your webpage in search engine rank page result, is given. Remember, Google is progressively reducing rich snippet usage in SERPs. Still it’s included and most used, common keyword is highlighted in tiltle, url and meta description. If no keyword is found snippet looks same.

    Most used keywords Analysis and information from text

    To better understand your content, you can rely on the extracted keywords (upto 6 words long) and their density percentage. There is an option to enter your focus keyword and analyze it throughly. You can enter it and start the scan to figure out how it is used plain text, in headings, anchors and image alt tags.

    Along with that, learn about text to html ratio, text hiararchy and links. In terms of links see internal and external, dofollow and nofollow, text and image links. In that you will better understand if you have missed any content optimization point or not.

    Use of Image and page design seo

    Search engine expects you have used optimized images in your webpage. This plugin finds out if you have missed any alt tags or not. Moreover, see deep into your image file names and alt tag content size and quality.

    Mobile friendly webpages are rewarded by Google, this plugin check responsive webpages it by viewport tag and media queries.

    Required information on url and server.

    Usage of underscore(_), question marks(?) in url creates trouble for for crawler robots, check those too. A reminder on your SSL certificate is mentained. Canonical link is another important parameter of seo, as it prevents confussion of search bots. See a canonical link is there or not.

    Other server points are taken from Server scan made seperately and includes relevant header information.

    Page specific speed and usability analysis.

    Header response time and page downloading time are important parameter and is affected by number of HTTP requests and size of resources to load. Get a detailed view of the factors and see if there is necessity to compress .css and .js files or not.

    A sample Facebook snippet using social media tags.

    By using social media tags (og:image, og:title, og:description, og:url), this plugin shows you a sample facebook snippet.

    Bonus Actions

    After all this checks are completed, you get a list of actions to be performed for improved seo for each webpage you scan. You just need to click the “ACTIONS” button
    at bottom of your webpage.

    Expect More

    In near future these features may be added: Video Seo, Spam detection, Rich snippet calculation, Twitter v card, above the fold optimization, sitemap.xml check and robots.txt check.


    1. You can scan all published pages from various post types, including those you created by other plugins.
    2. A well document tab is present in every admin page, created by this plugin. Just see them in case you are stuck. If problem is not solved, raise a support request.
    3. More over, if you know little less about on-page seo, check out free resources ->.
    4. You can achive optimum balance in seo by analyzing your competitors using this premium extension for competative intel. The demo is included inside the plugin.

    Otherwise, just use it and explore more about your website 🙂

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