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    WordPress Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita

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    Appointment booking and online scheduling plugin for WordPress offers a self-service scheduling system for 1-on-1 appointments, group events and classes.

    Appointment booking and online scheduling by vCita quickly integrates into any WordPress website, and eliminates the back-and-forth communications in appointments booking and events registration, as well as reminders, confirmations and follow-ups.

    Run Your Business from Anywhere
    vCita appointment booking system helps you manage your schedule even when out of office, providing you with a 360-degree view of client activity wherever you are. You will be able to initiate new interactions on-the-fly, respond to client requests in real-time and assign clients to staff members.

    Quickly reply to scheduling requests on-the-go with the vCita Mobile App for iPhone or Android

    Manage your schedule and calendar, receive mobile notifications for client requests and automate confirmations and reminders sent to clients – consistently delivering amazing service to your new and existing customers!

    vCita appointment booking & online scheduling plugin is highly customizable and will perfectly fit your business. It was designed with service oriented businesses in mind and is trusted by over 100,000 small businesses worldwide.

    Use vCita to allow your clients to:

    • Schedule appointments & meetings
    • Book services with you and your staff
    • Confirm or reschedule appointments & services
    • Request a callback
    • Register for events
    • Sign up for classes
    • Pay for services and invoices
    • Send messages
    • Share documents and files
    • Take and action – 24/7 and on any device
    • And more…

    Homepage | Live-Demo | Videos | FAQs | For Web Professionals


    vCita appointment booking and online scheduling is available in:

    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • German
    • Polish

    vCita appointment booking and online scheduling plugin connects to your WordPress account. You may create a FREE account at vCita directly from the plugin. The plugin offers a free forever plan, as well as 14-day free trial of vCita’s premium packages.

    Accelerate your business with vCita appointment booking & online scheduling software:

    • Anytime, Anywhere Online Scheduling. Clients can set and reschedule appointments anytime, anywhere and from any device.
    • Accept Payments for Services Online. Get paid faster by accepting client payments for your services online. Clients can pay with credit card or PayPayl, and funds will be deposited to your back account with no extra fee.
    • Customize the Experience. Display an online list of services, fees and scheduling options. Let clients choose the type of service or how the appointment will be conducted (in person, online, over the phone or via Skype). Let clients select their desired service, staff member, and time that works for them based on your team’s up-to-date availability.
    • Streamline Admin Tasks. Reduce no-shows by automating booking confirmations, reminders and follow-ups. Receive automated email and text messages alerting you of appointment booking requests.
    • Stay Up-to-Date. Automatically sync your online calendar with your mobile phone and existing personal calendar – Outlook, Google, iCal and more.
    • Flexible & Scalable. vCita Online Scheduling WordPress Plugin is flexible and customizable as your company grows. As your team expands, you can set advanced scheduling preferences such as inviting clients to book appointments with specific staff members, assign appointments to staff and display a joint-availability team calendar.
    • Create & Share Discount Coupons. Generate more sales & improve customer loyalty with discounted services. Fill up your events & classes by offering discount coupons on your website and your email campaigns.
    • Promote Your Services with Email & SMS Campaigns. Easily craft and send actionable email campaigns and SMS marketing. Promote your services, events and classes with beautiful, mobile-friendly campaigns, and easily track their results in real-time.

    More of vCita online scheduling plugin exclusive features:

    • Mobile friendly – vCita online scheduler works great on any mobile device and allows your clients to schedule or book time with you – anywhere, anytime!
    • Appointment booking for 1-on-1 appointments.
    • Registration for group events and classes with multiple attendees.
    • Set appointments, services, events and classes to be one-time or recurring on a regular basis.
    • A variety of services types to choose from – vCita appointment booking software lets you customize your services options: an appointment at your office or at your client’s address, a phone call, a video call and even an online service.
    • Automate appointment follow ups to make sure clients are engaged with your business, and customize follow-up options per service.
    • Booking form customization – Collect all the information you need right when your clients schedule an appointment. Add any field or question to the scheduling form and store the information within the client card.
    • Time zone adjustments – For global businesses, vCita appointment booking plugin can take care of all time zone differences, helping you and your clients stay in sync.
    • Send automatic reminders – vCita will notify both you and your clients of the upcoming appointment via SMS text messages and emails.
    • Colors customization – vCita online scheduling plugin lets you customize the look-and-feel to suit your brand. Your scheduler can perfectly fit your website’s colors and theme, and you can even add your business’s logo.
    • Track your clients on vCita online scheduling software – Track your clients with Google Analytics, and track conversion for Google Advertising.
    • Staff booking options – Let clients select the staff member they wish to work with, or manually assign a contact request or an appointment to a specific staff member.
    • Automatically accept appointments – You can set vCita online scheduler to automatically accept appointments for you, setting a new standard of quick response times.
    • Manage your clients with vCita – Import your clients, add personal notes, edit client information, and even set follow-up reminders.
    • Perform bulk operations – group clients with common attributes together using tags, and perform bulk operations such as sending a mass message or promotional offer.
    • Great client experience – Clients can easily book appointments and services 247, conveniently reschedule, send a message or securely share a document before and after the meeting.
    • Calendar availability management – Manage your availability and block out times when you are unavailable, so client will book appointments according to your work hours and real-time availability.
    • Quick onboarding – get started by importing your existing clients into vCita online scheduler, and instantly begin managing your clients and conversations.
    • Professional-looking booking page – distinguish yourself from competition with a beautiful, mobile-friendly appointment booking & online scheduling page. Build your booking page easily with a friendly editor, add your texts, images and videos along with scheduling call-to-actions. You can even host your booking page on your own domain.
    • Full customization of texts, images and colors in your appointment booking page, website pop-up widget and buttons.

    See how vCita appointment booking & online scheduling works in this live demo

    Visit to find out more about the
    appointment booking & online scheduling and event registration options

    Find out more about vCita appointment booking and online scheduling plugin

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