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    Bookafy – Online Appointment Booking and Staff Scheduling

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    If you already have Bookafy account, easily integrate with your site using our easy shortcode generator. You just need your subdomain which can be found by clicking your logo on the calendar page, or at the end of the account set up process.
    6 character unique business key which you can find by logging into your account or by emailing .


    • 2 widget styles & 100s button styles.
    • Use a button, widget, or both!
    • Support for multiple wordpress sites.
    • Easy setup with great support.

    If you don’t already have Bookafy you can get your 30 day trial by clicking here.

    So happy, I could shout from the roof tops!
    Bookafy gives me freedom and lowers my stress by about a million percent. Bookafy is a life saver… I spend so much less time trying to arrange my calendar, booking appointments, sending reminders, etc. Love it to the moon and back!
    JC – South Beach, FL
    I added Bookafy to my business, and saved 3,000 on the extra staff member… all for only $40 per month!
    Bookafy’s automated appointment confirmation emails and reminders have all but eliminated customer no-shows.” With Bookafy, Todd can focus on what he does best: providing premium services to his clients.
    Todd – Denver, CO

    I am saving so much time and money!
    Now that our clients book online with Bookafy I’m not constantly taking calls during appointments. It saves time for everyone and I can focus on my work, not my calendar.

    Reya – Los Angeles

    Click here for your 30 day free trial.

    Note: This plugin is available to users worldwide.

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