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    Usersnap is the #1 screenshot- and bug tracking tool for WordPress. Get browser screenshots and visual bug reports with additional browser information directly delivered to your dashboard. Annotate and send browser screenshots and bug reports to Usersnap or your existing bug tracking and project management tools.

    Get understandable bug reports and visual feedback from your customers without installing anything! Never ask for a browser screenshot again.

    Get screenshots from the visual bug tracker Usersnap.
    Usersnap creates screenshots of the current browser content. It helps you to communicate effectively about issues and share feedback between developers, customers and everyone involved in a web project.

    With point and click issue reporting, tracking bugs was never easier. Screenshots, the used browser version and a lot of additional information help you to solve every web issue faster. No endless bug reporting forms for your users. A small snippet of code on the website creates a feedback button. Your users may highlight, blackout and use sticky notes to give visual feedback which is then sent to you!


    • in-browser screenshots: you’ll get a screenshot of what your users sees. No plugins required. Execute cross browser tests and see browser specific issues immediately.
    • Collaborate & Communicate: invite your colleagues into Usersnap and discuss screens and find solutions together.
    • JavaScript error logging: get visual bug reports with advanced client-side JavaScript error recording.
    • seamless integrations: Already using a project management or bug tracking tool? No worries – we’ll add value to your tool.

    Connect existing tool

    Usersnap integrates with every leading project management and bug tracking tool. Easily connect Usersnap with your exisiting tool. We integrate with:

    • JIRA
    • Basecamp
    • Asana
    • Pivotal Tracker
    • Trello
    • Github
    • Zendesk
    • Redmine
    • Axosoft
    • trac
    • Bitbucket
    • Desk
    • Evernote
    • FogBugz
    • Countersoft
    • Intercom
    • Kanbanize
    • Microsoft Team Foundation Server

    Connect Chat tool with Usersnap

    Modern team communication tools allowing the whole team to keep track on what’s going on your project, why not integrating Usersnap to complete the package?
    Usersnap allows you to connect your chat messenger with the bug tracker of Usersnap. At the moment you can connect Usersnap with:

    • Slack
    • Hipchat
    • Hall


    We at Usersnap are always here to help. Contact us on twitter. or get in touch with us via

    Use Usersnap for free!

    Use Usersnap for free and sign up at!

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