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    The Feedback Button

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    What is The Feedback Button ?

    The Feedback Button lets you collect visitor feedback by placing a small button with a feedback form for your visitors to fill out. Highly customizable feedback button is a great tool if you want to connect with our visitors without the haste of programming or complex setup. Installation is fast, easy, and highly efficient. You can select a style for your feedback form along with the feedback button that suits your website’s design without hampering user experience.

    If your website has problems you are not aware of, your visitors will have a way of connecting with you to give you feedback on how you can improve the design or user experience. The Feedback Button is a great tool that connects you with your viewers and get help to improve your website.

    The Feedback Button is designed to work with the continuous integration process, which requires to keep the customer in a close loop and receive constant feedback to reflect and improve on the product. By having a feedback form on your website, you will be able to achieve this close loop between you and your customer and perpetually improve the product.

    After installing The Feedback Button, navigate to to claim your feedbacks.

    For more info, visit our About page.

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