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    Stop the Bokettch

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    Have you ever experienced that the search engine doesn’t crawl your site after published it?
    This is a plugin for displaying an alert notification to the ToolBar if you have checked “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” of Site Visibility Options. So This is very useful for missed check options.
    Notice : Notice messages will be displayed to the role of publish_posts.

    What’s “Bokettch”??

    Bokettch is “Webourgeon_com”(@Webourgeon_com) who is doing activities as a member of WordBench Chiba (WordBench is user group of local in Japan)
    “Bokettchies” who she recognized is given to the unique number.
    Her behavior is famous for cute and goofy. so We name a person like her “Bokettch”.

    Then, too. There is “Bokettch report” for reporting their behavior.(Sorry. This site is only Japanese!)

    Example of “Bokettch”:

    • tripping on the smooth road
    • get lost
    • the water has boiled away
    • take the wrong train
    • soft drink bomb

    and so on….

    Special Thanks: megane9988, Webourgeon_com, nekomimiTaicho

    Translation: @mamy315

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