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    Seriously Simple Podcasting

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    Seriously Simple Podcasting is an easy-to-use podcasting solution for WordPress that is as powerful as it is simple. It uses a native WordPress interface and has minimal settings so as not to distract you from what you really need to do – publish your content.

    Primary Features

    • Simple settings so you can get your podcast up and running quickly
    • Integrated podcast hosting platform, Seriously Simple Hosting, which allows you to host your podcast media files on a dedicated platform, without ever having to leave the WordPress dashboard.
    • Run multiple podcasts from the same site – each with their own, unique RSS feed
    • Gather thorough stats on your listeners using the free stats add-on
    • Supports both audio and video podcasting
    • New podcast post type and series taxonomy for managing your podcast episodes
    • Use any post type for your podcast episodes
    • Highly configurable and robust RSS feed designed for all podcast services and feed readers – including iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher
    • Shortcodes & widgets for displaying podcast episode lists, single episodes and podcast playlists anywhere on your site
    • Playable episodes using the built-in WordPress media player
    • The freedom to host your media files wherever you like – on the same site or any other server
    • Complete user and developer documentation
    • Full i18n support

    Podcast Hosting Platform

    If you’re looking for a podcast hosting platform that is as simple as it is powerful check out Seriously Simple Hosting. Our integrated podcast hosting platform allows you to upload your podcast audio files directly to a dedicated media host, without ever having to leave the WordPress dashboard.

    Give your website a performance boost by offloading all of your media files to a dedicated hosting provider, and your podcast listeners a terrifc listening experience at the same time.

    Where to find help

    Seriously Simple Podcasting comes with complete user and developer documentation. Please read this documentation thoroughly before posting on the support forum.


    Seriously Simple Podcasting comes with a growing library of add-ons. Just like the core plugin itself, all of the add-ons are 100% free to use and will always remain that way.

    How to contribute

    If you want to contribute to Seriously Simple Podcasting, you can fork the GitHub repository – please read the contributor guidelines for more information on how you can do this.

    Help translate this plugin

    If you would like to contribute translations to this plugin you can do so through a simple web interface. Any and all translations (new languages or updates to existing ones) are always welcome.


    Simply upload the plugin and you’re good to go. Go to “Podcast > Add New” to add new episodes and go to “Podcast > Settings” to customise your podcast.

    Podcast media files can be uploaded directly into WordPress or hosted on any other site – in the latter case all you’ll need to supply is the URL to the file. Please note that episode lengths and file sizes can only be automatically calculated for files that are hosted on the same server as the website – either way though, you can input them manually.

    If you need help, you can find complete user and developer documentation here.

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