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    SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY

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    Welcome to Assisted WordPress SEO. Say Good-Bye to Search Engine Frustrations. Squirrly assists you in getting Excellent SEO for Humans and Search Engines.

    You may not know it yet, but you will: WordPress SEO is about so much more than a couple of settings you make on your WordPress.

    Without a proper strategy, all those settings will be meaningless.

    We know this, because we’ve been helping over 150,000 NON-SEO Experts become SEO Superstars since February 2013, when we officially opened the gates. On average, people who used our features to at least 50% and followed our methods, grew their organic traffic by at least +285%. (facts here)

    This is where you want to be. Squirrly WordPress SEO will offer you everything that the other plugins can’t.

    All the SEO Tools You Never Thought You’d Find in WordPress or in WooCommerce.

    As Neil Patel said it himself: “Squirrly is more than a SEO tool – it’s a complete content marketing suite.”

    Every Non-Squirrly WordPress SEO plugin follows the same recipe: helps with a bit of title, meta, schema, sitemap. Xml, but doesn’t help you come up with a winning SEO strategy. Here’s how Squirrly breaks this pattern:

    First of all, the Duplicate Remover tools in Squirrly SEO make this plugin 100% safe to use with any other SEO plugin. You don’t have to delete old plugins, in order to start using Squirrly WordPress SEO plugin. If you choose this path, it will upgrade any SEO plugin (like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO) with at least 500% more capabilities than these old plugins offer you. You can easily super-charge your Yoast plugin by using it together with Squirrly. (of course, you can use Squirrly as a stand-alone when you’re ready to switch).

    Second: you’re getting many Assistants (software powered helpers inside your WP) that help you overcome your SEO and marketing challenges. It will feel like you’re getting a full marketing team behind you, without any of the associated costs. With all the Assistants, you’ll be able to do everything on your own.

    These Assistants will help you make great use of all the tools Squirrly provides you inside your WordPress SEO Plugin.

    More Assistants are making their way into Squirrly SEO this year: Meet the BackLinks Assistant | and | Meet the Strategy Assistant.

    Over 200 Tools and Features help you find your way to a winning SEO Strategy by giving you search trend information, competition authority information (Powered by Squirrly’s Market Intelligence features), competition volume, social media and forum discussion intelligence.

    You’ll be able to find the right Keywords which you can optimize or re-optimize your whole WordPress site for.

    Using SEO Automation features from Squirrly, you can re-optimize a 2,000 products WooCommerce store in a couple of minutes. That’s amazing WooCommerce SEO value!

    Then, once you’ve established your winning opportunities, place them in Briefcase, so that your team, writers, collaborators will know exactly what they need to work on in order to enhance your Authority on your main keywords.

    You’ll easily make any edits you need to your pages, articles, products by using Copyright Free images and other benefits offered to you by the Blogging Assistant inside Squirrly SEO.

    Your pages will be 100% Optimized before you even hit “Save Draft”, or “Publish” inside WordPress. The SEO Live Assistant will offer you as-you-type SEO advice to bring your page’s content to perfect optimization. This helps you optimize for both Humans and Search Engines. It’s an Excellent balance.

    The market you’re in will be constantly monitored, in order for Squirrly to suggest you new content ideas you can pursue. (This is handled by the Research Assistant)

    An Audit Suite will be ready for you every single week, to show you where you can improve your Marketing and your Website: blogging audit, social media audit, web authority audit, SEO audit, Traffic Audit.

    You’ll never have to doubt your results, because you’ll get to see how well your pages are ranking in Google. Best of all: you’ll see the real, objective data. You’ll see what your potential customers will see when searching for keywords related to your site.

    You can be from any one of the 140 countries we support for Keyword Research and SERP Checking (Google Rank Tracking)

    You can make a decision right now, to get Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin into your site right away, or to continue your journey of optimizing WordPress sites with the rest of the WordPress SEO Plugins.

    If you choose any plugin other than Squirrly, you will soon realize that:

    • you haven’t chosen the proper keywords. That’s why your WordPress SEO Plugin doesn’t catapult you to that first page of Google search, no matter which plugin you choose.

    • you can end up being #1 on Google for keywords that nobody ever searches for, which means zero search traffic for your WordPress site or WooCommerce store.

    • you don’t know if you manage to rank your pages. The other WordPress SEO plugins won’t show you if they help you reach search engine success.

    • you’ve got no proper way of knowing if the work you do with the other plugins actually makes a difference for the overall WordPress SEO of your site.

    • you won’t be able to manage your strategy. You’ll keep creating content blindly, while losing focus of your overall strategy. Especially if you have a team of writers, this will go south very fast.

    • you’ll never know if the work you’ve done last week brought an improvement in the quality of your site and content.

    There is only one SEO tool (part software in the Cloud, part delivered inside your very own WordPress) to help you with all of this: Squirrly SEO. It’s Everything You’ll Ever Need.

    And you’re reading about it on this very page. Yes, Squirrly SEO. Current Edition: Squirrly SEO 2018: Briefcase. (began with version 8.3.07)

    Download and start using it now.

    Or wait and see why even Earth’s mightiest SEO Experts use this one tool, that was initially fully designed only for NON-SEOs.

    There are lots of features currently in it which are super praised by experts. The details to which you can take your Squirrly are phenomenal.

    We have reviews from some of the world’s biggest Experts in SEO and Marketing: Neil Patel, Search Engine Journal, Brian Dean, Search Engine Watch and over 1,000 other media outlets and blogs.

    Top Reviews

    • “Wow, I’ve been using your tool for a week now and one of my blog ranked no1 out of a million for its key word… amazing”
    • ” I use Squirrly SEO every time I create a new post.”Neil Patel, co-founder of KissMetrics
    • “Cool Feature: Squirrly SEO comes packed with a nice keyword research tool that works within the WordPress editor. In addition to the usual metrics (like search volume), it also shows you if that keyword is a hot topic of conversion online. The tool also shows you the stability of that keyword’s search volume over time.”Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko
    • “It’ll give you a helpful snapshot of how your content is performing.”Search Engine Journal

    You can read more reviews from Internet Marketing experts on

    We have over 2,350,000 Downloads!

    Our Technology is used by Microsoft teams across Europe, BBC, SeedCamp, CyberGhost, and many others.

    Here are some of the Assistants you get out-of-the-box when you install Squirrly SEO:

    Blogging Assistant

    SEO Live Assistant

    Settings Assistant

    Keyword Opportunity Assistant

    SEO Automations Assistant

    Up-Coming Assistants:

    Strategy Assistant

    Backlinks Assistant

    Squirrly SEO is a Freemium software, like MailChimp.

    You’ll start with the free version of Squirrly SEO. It will help you if you have small content marketing needs, such as 5 articles published / month, 5 keyword analysis and a weekly SEO audit tool report. When you’ll require more, you can pay for the PRO Plan.

    You’ll only start paying once you need to do a lot of work within the plugin.

    All of the following are for free and included in the Free Plan:

    Free Access to our Support team:

    via email, youtube live chat, twitter, facebook messages, in-plugin support options (so you don’t even have to leave WordPress to write to us), Google Plus Community.

    Amazing Speed:

    Runs ~4 times faster than Yoast SEO and ~8 times faster than All In One SEO.

    Uncanny Power:

    Gives you 10 times more features than any other SEO plugin out there.

    It’s the reason why Assistants who guide were imperative to our design.

    Keyword optimizations

    Up to 5 keywords for each page.

    Semantic SEO Data and Contextual Keywords:

    Up to 5 keywords for each page

    Customer Journey and Buying Stages

    Model advanced paths from Visit to Purchase for your potential customers.

    Marketing Clarity Assistant

    Up to 5 keywords for each page, to help you place in all the keywords that you want to convey for your overall marketing/branding message.

    Preview of your page – see exactly how your page will look on:

    • Google

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    Readability Check and Human Friendly Optimization:

    We analyze your written text to make sure it will sound really good for your Human readers. This will help boost engagement on the page, as well as time on page.

    No Duplicate Content – Squirrly SEO is the only plugin that handles all the following aspects:

    • Avoid confusing Google with duplicate content, by setting canonical URLs.

    • Avoid repetitions of the same pieces of code inside the source code of any page on your site. Google penalizes for that. With the Duplicate Remover from Squirrly, this will never be a problem for you. It’s performed automatically if you have the setting activated.

    • Avoid duplicate content across multiple pages from your website. The SEO Audit from Squirrly SEO will help you clean all those duplicate pieces of content.

    Keyword Research and Planning Tool: (for 140 countries)

    You’ll finally find keywords worth pursuing.

    Built 100% for SEO, unlike the Keyword Planner from Google, which is built for Advertising purposes. Read here about it


    Organize your SEO Strategy and ALL Your focus keywords in one place, so that you and all collaborators can be on the same page.

    Audit Suite (Lite)

    • SEO Audit

    • Blogging Audit

    • Traffic Audit

    • Social Media Audit

    • Links Audit (powered by MOZ)

    • Authority Audit

    Google Ranking Checkers (for 140 countries)

    See your Google Rank for the pages you’ve optimized.

    Technical SEO – you won’t have to know anything about it, because Squirrly runs it in the background for you

    It doesn’t matter whether you know about robots.txt, .htaccess files, clean permalink URLs or sitemaps – Squirrly SEO makes sure your technical configuration meets the expectations of all search engines.

    BackUps and Imports:

    Professional grade backup and importing system, to keep all your sites and all your optimizations safe and sound.

    User Roles and Permissions:

    Squirrly SEO Plugin is used by many professional teams in over 90 Countries. It’s why we offer them amazing details in how they can setup permissions for their team members.

    SEO Automation Assistant:

    Helps you optimize 20, 200 or even 20,000 pages in a couple of minutes. It’s the easiest way to get all your pages boosted very fast.

    • Complete with rules for Json-LD, Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Rich Pins, SEO Title, SEO Description.

    **Over 200 Tools and Features **

    See more on our Pricing Page, to learn more about ALL the features included in the Free Version.

    Scroll down to the second section to get the detailed overview!

    Principles for our Designs:

    “Offer the most value, with the least friction possible. Build a software that grows around the user, and not the other way around.” These are our guiding principles in all the new versions and product releases we make for Squirrly SEO.

    You can start using Squirrly SEO when you have very basic SEO needs, and then grow as much as you want when you start needing super advanced tech at your disposal.

    We offer amazing Customer Service because it help you be happy and be successful! There’s also another reason: every customer interaction helps us take this product to the next level. We’re in love with the power that Customer Service has in building ground-breaking products.

    We’re doing our best to be great listeners and understand the underlying problems of our users and customers.

    We focus a lot on making the next version the best version! And we’re also trying to launch as many useful updates as possible.

    There are many good reasons for you to get a monthly or yearly subscription. Here are some of the best reasons.

    Our startup consists of 15 content marketing professionals dedicated to making Squirrly SEO an amazing piece of software and writing great training materials to help you be successful and stay successful.

    Over 1000 Content Marketing Experts have reviewed our WordPress SEO plugin and loved it.

    Over 2580 students to our $147 Content Marketing Training on Udemy. Part of that training you’ll be receiving for free when signing up for this WordPress seo plugin.

    Over +285% increase in traffic to over 49,000 study participants. (who optimized to at least 50% with Squirrly SEO)

    More than helping you with your internet marketing efforts, we strive to offer Excellence in Customer Service.

    • We have a Free Training session with 14 lessons and 10 actionable work files, awaiting you after you install the plugin and connect to (You’ll receive them by email.)

    • You’ll be able to get support from us from the plugin, from our Facebook page, our Twitter, email, Youtube live chat and we can even schedule a Skype call, if fixes are needed.

    We’re passionate about seeing you get a great and happy experience, so we’ll do our best to fix anything that may come up very fast.

    From the Live Assistant to the best SEO tools for website audit, you’ll get access to all of them by installing only this plugin. Exactly the zip that you find here on the WordPress plugins directory.

    See all the Features of our product on the All Squirrly SEO Features .

    Check our screenshots| Go to our official site | Free Version (if you install from the WP directory) OR Pricing Plans


    • Florin Muresan – CEO at Squirrly
    • Calin Vingan – CTO at Squirrly
    • Sorel Nagy – Developer
    • Andreea Leau – VP Marketing
    • Cristina Leau – Squirrly mascot designer
    • Alexandra Nicola – COO at Squirrly
    • Teodora Vingan – SEO Analyser
    • Irina Pogor – Content Writer
    • Ana Darstaru – Chief of Customer Service
    • Lucian Nertan – VP of Agency
    • Rares Papita – CHO


    • Ibrahim Evsan, serial entrepreneur, one of the best known bloggers in Germany
    • Philipp Kandal, co-Founder and CTO of Skobbler (recently acquired for $24M by Telenav)

    Many Thanks.


    Squirrly is Free to use. The version from the WP directory will install the Free Version.

    You’ll be able to use this seo software once you install the plugin and use your email to connect to

    For higher content marketing and SEO needs, you can check our Official Site and see what the PRO Plan offers.

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