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    SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY

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    A.I.-based Private SEO Consultant. In a Plugin. Powered by Machine Learning and Cloud Services.

    Offers the same level of advice as a Human consultant would, yet with greater precision and customization.

    Over 300 functionalities for SEO now available when you need them. (if you’re using the Non-SEO expert mode: then our A.I. will tell you when you need to use each of them and in which order; so it’s not important for you to learn everything if you don’t want to).

    I’ve been interviewed by Startup Valley and talked at length about how we built this A.I. consultant on top of Squirrly’s existing SEO features (the likes of which you can only get from SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs)

    Checks your traffic, how well people engage with content on your site, sees your positions for all pages inside the Google search engine, tells you how to bring more traffic and how to make more of your pages visible, gives you solid advice for getting more clicks and more.

    Insanely Great Support with Facebook Community, Huge Knowledge base, Multiple Support Channels, Free Academy Access (Education Cloud 2020), Podcast, Youtube videos and more. See all of them here. (click and scroll down)

    We’ve built this so that YOU become successful. Learn more about our vision here.

    First-Ever Non-Human SEO Consultant Is Coming to WordPress. SEO Technology Meets SEO Marketing. Squirrly handles all tech requirements for rich snippets, social snippets, and more, while helping you get the best SEO Marketing.

    How does it do that? By acting as your private SEO Consultant. Watch the video:

    Your next SEO Plugin is NOT just an SEO Plugin.
    It’s a Non-Human Private SEO Consultant.
    Powered by Machine Learning and Cloud Services.
    It’s the First of its kind.
    It’s the new Squirrly 2020: Smart Strategy and it lives and works inside your WordPress.

    We’ve made Expert-Level SEO Advice (the kind you’d pay consultants $2,500 USD / month) very accessible for WordPress site owners, small business owners, professional bloggers, freelancers, agencies.

    How can you start getting the advice?

    Having studied over 600,000 WordPress sites with performance metrics, growth metrics, this new Non-Human consultant has 7 years of experience and “knows” what you need in order to become successful. Just like all the people in our Success Stories Who Followed Squirrly’s Advice.

    Our Cloud Services analyze the client’s website (your website if you start using it) to reveal priority tasks that need solving. Next, the services and the machine learning identify actionable steps for boosting Google rankings, monitor SEO performance, and recommend strategy adjustments, when needed (“knows” this according to the 600,000 sites it studied).

    That’s why the new Squirrly is called Smart Strategy. Because it has experience, knowledge and can think all of the complicated aspects on your behalf (just like a Human consultant would too).

    Better yet, it does all the exciting new things you’ve just read about on top of everything else that was already available in our software suite. You can read more about it in the lines that follow.

    The three things you should look for in a SEO plugin:

    1) to increase (scientifically, not based on hope) the chances of being found on search engines. Always On. Always Reporting. Giving you a holistic view of how Google sees your pages and what it needs to decide to move your page up in search results.

    2) to give you clear “maps” (and navigation directions, just like Waze app) for ranking pages continuously by using a method, not random “fixes”.

    3) to give you an edge over the 60,000 or 60,000,000 other pages competing with your page for the same keyword. Those sites probably already have Yoast installed. If all you do is install that SEO plugin yourself, how will that help you be better than them? – No, to be competitive you need Squirrly SEO.

    Try it today! You won’t lose SEO rankings switching to Squirrly, because it imports all technical settings you made in other plugins.

    Or you can choose to keep technical SEO settings in other plugins, and use the innovations from Squirrly SEO on top of those plugins (they can work together).

    “Wow ,I’ve been using your tool for a week now and one of my blog ranked no1 out of a million for its key word… amazing” – Pierre Perpal.

    Launched in 2012 in the United Kingdom, Squirrly Limited today has over 6,455 clients in 90 countries, including such megabrands as Microsoft and the BBC. Yet, it says the heart of its focus is “the little guy” i.e. the small and medium-sized businesses and bloggers that need expert marketing support so they can keep focused on day-to-day operations.

    “I had SEO companies tell me they could do this (get me to the first page of Google) but it all takes time and wanted thousands of dollars. Squirrly SEO saved me that money many times over!” – Drew Spangler, Orlando Homeopathic Body Works.

    There are multiple success stories with following the “navigation” instructions offered by Focus Pages – agencies, freelancers, business owners, affiliate marketers, professional content marketers. Read their Stories.

    “Find long-tail keywords with legitimate ranking opportunities for your blog, not just a shot in the dark, but a solid target audience to market your blog too. The Squirrly plugin will eliminate all your worry, pressure, and sense of overwhelm when it comes to optimizing your blog. It has everything organized for you and will show you new tips to help you improve your blog’s domain authority over time.” – Dawn, owner at OhBlogOnIt.

    This high-end SEO software gathered thousands of testimonials. Has been featured on TechCrunch, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch and others. See more on our official site. PRO versions on our site. Free version here on WordPress.

    Is it compatible with other SEO Plugins? – yes, because it really enhances the other plugins. You can use those other plugins to go in the wrong direction and even get your website penalized. Focus Pages from Squirrly will help you make those plugins really work well for your SEO Strategy.

    Focus Pages is an innovation that you can’t even find in SEMrush, nor in Moz, nor in aHrefs.

    It’s a complete game changer, because it tells you what to do with each page to make it found on search engines.

    Just turn RED elements into Green.

    Squirrly offers details for every item and an action button which you can press to start turning the red element to green. Provides you with a simple, guided flow.

    If you keep turning reds to greens, you’ll keep improving your chances of ranking. If you reach 100% for a page, that page will be found on Google. Sometimes, you’ll be lucky and end up on the first page of Google even with just 70% chances.

    Squirrly provides you with:
    – a FREE Education Cloud (learn everything about optimizing for Humans and for Search Engine Bots)
    Free coaching sessions
    – a 14 Days Journey to Better Ranking. 14 daily recipes to follow to make your WordPress site ready for high-performing SEO.

    Is Squirrly a free plugin? – YES. Don’t believe those who claim otherwise. We even give you the incredible Focus Pages innovation for free inside the plugin. You can use it to rank one page at a time, using everything inside.

    The free plugin is limited in terms of feature usage (volume-based usage), it doesn’t cut features. Some features might be found in the Lite version, instead of PRO, Web Dev Kit, or Business version, but they aren’t cut off.

    Also, the FREE plugin from Squirrly offers you the PAID features from plugins such as Yoast, RankMath, SEOpress, SEOpressor. You get their paid features for free, just by installing Squirrly SEO right now.

    There’s even a completely No-Ads free version available here. It will not send you SEO Audits! (because it doesn’t ask for an email so it can’t do that; due to this: you’ll also miss out on coaching, website alerts, new keyword opportunities and offers). Find the button on the page that says: “Try a sample of a Web Dev Kit zip file”.

    It’s a freemium software (like MailChimp). The PRO features come from our servers and our multiple APIs. So switching to PRO doesn’t require you to change the plugin. You’ll still be using the exact zip file even when you go to our PRO, Business or Agency Plans.

    You need to gain an edge over all the ranking factors (at least 60 such factors) that aren’t covered by WordPress SEO Plugins.

    Focus Pages by Squirrly, the SEO Live Assistant, the Keyword Research, the Audit Suite (does 6 types of audits for you weekly), the Briefcase (an overview on your current SEO strategy) and the SERP Checker inside Squirrly SEO will make all the difference in the world.

    SEMrush and MOZ don’t even come close to offering the analysis and clear navigation that Focus Pages by Squirrly offers you.

    Move way beyond what Yoast can offer. Why install yet another Yoast clone (that isn’t as well made as the popular Y plugin), when you can sky-rocket your rankings with the high-end SEO software from Squirrly which goes beyond what even giants like SEMrush and Moz can offer?

    Squirrly’s SEO Automation features are more advanced and for many more custom post types and taxonomies than the one you find in all other SEO Plugins. The sitemap is also more advanced.

    We’ve made it super easy to Switch everything to Squirrly SEO. All Your Optimizations. One easy button.

    However, we’ve done more than that for you: we’ve made Squirrly SEO compatible with all other SEO plugins, so you don’t even have to make the switch to benefit from our ground breaking Focus Pages feature that you’ve seen on the video inside this page.

    Download and start using now. Or keep reading more about this insanely great WordPress SEO Plugin

    This is a New Squirrly. It looks at each page on your WordPress site the same way Google does. It translates everything for you with simple red and green elements. You’ll get the answers you were waiting for.

    This is the only plugin and SEO software capable of adapting to the specifics of each page and the context it has inside a website. It provides answers for you, after very complex analysis made on multiple levels.

    There are about 20 Million pages that Google can display for every single search a user makes. How does Google decide to display YOUR page within the first 10 results? Out of millions of pages it could display?

    The new SEO Squirrly knows the answer. Powered by advanced cloud servers owned by the Squirrly Company, the MarketIntelligence big data analysis we do, and data sources like: Moz, Majestic, Alexa, Semrush, Google Analytics, ContentLook, crawlers owned by Squirrly: we are in a unique position that allows us to see each page the same way that Google’s algorithms see it.

    Squirrly provides different answers for different pages for different website owners, because you can’t treat any two pages from the Web the same way. Google doesn’t. Since we released this, we brought more success to our customers than ever before: SEO Success With Squirrly’s Algorithms

    “Turn Red Elements to Green and You Will Win.” Some of the customers from the success stories mentioned above did not believe we’ve made everything so easy. They tried it. And they were convinced.

    It has been our mission to help you take pages from “Never Found to Always Found”. With the new Squirrly we’ve managed to fully deliver on our promise. But for us, this is only the beginning.

    It’s time to rethink the old way of doing search engine optimization for WordPress.

    Why? Because the old way of doing things is no longer relevant to how search engines work today. Because Google does NOT perceive your pages as being all the same.

    There is no “one size fits all” in SEO, so using an SEO plugin that treats all pages the same way is dangerous for your business.

    It’s like applying a random treatment regardless of the symptoms, just because it had worked once (in another case) for another patient. Would YOU put your faith in that?


    It makes absolutely no sense, not when you can use Squirrly SEO (brand new. complete redesign) which looks at your pages like Google does.

    The revolutionary concept of Focus Pages is here to transform and innovate the way you optimize your WordPress site because it’s not enough to have a destination (being found on the first page of Google).

    You also need an updated map for HOW to get there. We built Focus Pages to provide a customized route to reach that First Page destination for each one of your pages.

    Everything from creating human-optimized content to SEO keywords and the user’s experience on your site is checked for in one way or another. Also factors related to quality signals like: impressions, clicks, ctr, social signals, inner links, links from other sites, authority of sites sending links to you.

    In fact, Squirrly SEO now looks at over 54 critical ranking factors that Google takes into account when analyzing a page and deciding how high to place it in SERPs.

    For every page that you add as a Focus Page inside Squirrly SEO, the plugin will show you exactly what actions to take to rank a particular page higher in Google. You’ll know precisely what to focus on to generate the most impact.

    Everything is shaped into clear tasks, and all you need to do is turn the RED elements you will see inside into Green. That’s all!.

    The details will be completely different from page to page because every page has its own path to SEO success and this is not a generic plugin. So you won’t be given a generic analysis.

    This is the only plugin and SEO software capable of adapting to the specifics of each page and the context it has inside a website.

    The amount of data being processed and the way we process the data is a culmination of groundbreaking work.

    With the new Squirrly SEO, we fix problems related to SEO that no other plugin or software can fix. Because we approach things in a way that hasn’t been done before.

    A 14 Days Journey to Better Ranking

    As part of the new Squirrly SEO, you’ll also be able to start a 14 Days Journey to Better Ranking. If you ever felt like you were stumbling in the dark when trying to rank your pages, embarking on this journey will finally make you feel like you’re making progress.

    During the 14 days, you’ll be able to follow a clear process and receive Daily recipes to help you finally achieve SEO results.

    You don’t need to know the first thing about SEO to join. You’ll get access to the #1 software for SEO and step-by-step guidance on how to use it to maximize your results.

    You’ll know which features to use and at which point in your journey, according to the current issue you’re planning to fix.

    It’s as easy as that.

    If you’re an SEO expert reading this, there’s great news for you, too!

    We’re now providing experts with unprecedented monitoring capabilities. You’ll keep all your sites and your clients’ sites in Great SEO Shape with the best in class oversight features: Bulk SEO, Focus Pages, SEO Audit and SEO Issues Scanner.

    Bulk SEO Settings helps you tweak the title, description, JSON-LD, Facebook, Twitter and visibility details for every page from one super-easy and super-intuitive dashboard.

    SEO Automation tools (with Expert-level access) will turn SEO work into something that’s easier than reading the news in a self-driving car on your way to work.

    Squirrly SEO (Strategy) helps you create and focus on amazing SEO Strategies:

    • Focus Pages
    • Bulk SEO Settings
    • 14 Days Journey to Better Ranking
    • Automation
    • SERP Checker
    • Unprecedented Oversight to make sure nothing goes wrong SEO-wise.

    See how we fix common SEO problems with this brand new release: We’ve made it incredibly easy to fix SEO issues which are found on almost every site you’ll see.

    See why Generic WordPress SEO Plugins just aren’t enough anymore (not in 2020) Generic SEO Plugins are dangerous because they let the user believe that SEO involves no work at all.

    See the multiple levels of WordPress SEO. Just adding a rich snippet or validating a Twitter card doesn’t increase your rankings on Google. Just makes things look nice. To make these elements really work for ranking higher, you need all levels of SEO.

    This is WordPress.

    And Squirrly is the best WordPress SEO plugin you will find.

    Because we build insanely great marketing software at the Squirrly company, we’ve decided to make the plugin part of our revolutionary SEO Software be a revolutionary plugin itself.

    Unlike many other plugin creators, we’ve made the free version you download and install today on WordPress all that you will need.

    We do have Squirrly PRO SEE Squirrly PRO., which takes everything you’ve just read here to the extreme.

    You can even use Squirrly PRO to rank a page within the first 10 results in one week and on our plugin’s homepage you can even read the documentation or the way we’ve applied that method multiple times.

    However, the Squirrly PRO uses the same base plugin you find here. There is no other extra thing you will have to install in WordPress.

    You can switch between free and pro anytime you want.

    It’s a Freemium model, like MailChimp.

    We provide all plugin-related features on the Free accounts. And even lots of the API-based features (which come from our servers and the partner services as described in the beginning of this WP description for our best WordPress SEO Plugin).

    That’s how committed we are to offering you a WordPress SEO plugin that works together with you, according to how ready you are to invest more in your WordPress SEO.

    We’ve had people switching to PRO only after gaining success and Page 1 rankings on Google with the free version. And you can read this in some of our success stories. SEO Success With Squirrly’s Algorithms

    The PRO helps you super-charge the results and gain more results for more pages.

    However, the Free version is ground breaking in and of its own.

    We are proud of it. Our many partners are also proud to install it on client websites.

    Some agencies have clients for whom they install free and clients for whom they install PRO.

    And yes, we offer Excellent Customer Service for the FREE plan too.

    You can take a look at the facts about WordPress SEO Success with the plugin. SEO Success – FACTS

    Then, take a look at the WordPress SEO Learning Success with our company. We send many great trainings to our users which help them become SEO and Digital Marketing Superstars. Learning Success – FACTS

    Over 1,000 Content Marketing Professionals and Experts have written about Squirrly PRO.

    Squirrly was featured in: Forbes, TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, Search Engine Journal,, Innovation Labs, Delivering Happiness, Search Engine Watch, Elegant Themes,, SEO Hacker, WP Mayor, Manage WP,,, Kinsta, Spotify, Backlinko, Gartner, EDB-GOV-Singapore

    Hundreds of testimonials and over 5,000 B2B customers who purchased subscriptions for Squirrly SEO. You can see all these and more on our website:

    Squirrly SEO

    Our Commitment to building insanely great marketing software means that we’ve even revolutionized the “usual” things offered by wordpress seo plugins:
    – ZERO-Clicks installation. Once you connect to Squirrly cloud, the Automation feature begins configuring everything your WP requires for great SEO.
    – up to 13 types of schema org JSON-LD implementations you can make
    – different JSON-LD for different pages
    – customize any JSON-LD schme org implementation
    – includes a creator tool that allows you to build and validate your JSON-LD schema
    – best RICH PINS definitions and integrations ever found in a wordpress seo plugin
    – Automation Features that automate everything from semantic definitions, to social media definitions, to custom post types to pure WordPress SEO.
    – Facebook Pixel advanced options for eCommerce.
    – Facebook Pixel tracking with custom rules for custom pages.
    – Google Analytics tracking with custom rules for custom pages
    – Google Analytics tracking fixes included with the 14 Days Journey
    – Google Analytics FULL integrations, to get accurate Traffic Data in the SEO Audit and to get accurate Google Search Engine readings for quality content (as I said: we look for “quality content” the same way that Google does.)
    – No-Index options made with WebDeveloper-Approved customization levels
    – No-Index specific Custom Post Types
    – No-Index based on custom page rules
    – No-Index based on Sitemap XML settings
    – No-Index based on robots.txt rules
    – Checking robots.txt – your customized version vs what WordPress renders
    – Creating robots.txt
    – Managing robots.txt
    – robots file checked in SEO Audit
    – robots file checked in WordPress Admin
    – robots file checked in Focus Pages
    – Protection against no-index placed by mistake: in the WordPress Settings
    – Protection against no-index placed by mistake: in “Scan for SEO Issues”
    – Protection against no-index placed by mistake: in BULK SEO Settings
    – Protection against no-index placed by mistake: in Focus Pages
    – Protection against common seo mistakes (100% tailored to the WordPress environment): by using the “Scan for SEO Issues” feature
    – we call this protection: Oversight, but we mean it in the “positive way”.
    – Protection against using “bad keywords” that your site can never rank top 10 for (you need to use Focus Pages section for this one)
    – warnings against over 54 types of ranking drawbacks (“ranking drawback” – an element inside your WordPress site that makes Google decide NOT to award your page with higher rankings)
    – Most advanced Sitemap XML
    – Pictures in Sitemap XML
    – Sitemap XML enhanced with Videos
    – Sitemap XML settings for frequency with which you add new content to the site
    – Sitemap XML to get you in Google News
    – Sitemap XML with organized sub-sitemaps
    – Sitemap XML with Page-Level customization options
    – Sitemap XML inclusions / exclusions according to rules based on Custom post Types and Automation Features.
    – Open Graph
    – Open Graph Preview
    – Open Graph BULK work-flow.
    – Open Graph Automation with different rules according to different custom post types
    – Open Graph object Type
    – Open Graph and fb admin page id
    – Open Graph and author URL
    – Open Graph with VIDEO, which makes the video PLAY directly inside Facebook.
    – Open Graph Validation
    – Rich Pins Validation
    – Twitter Card validation
    – Twitter Card – large
    – Twitter Card – summary
    – Twitter Card Bulk work-flow
    – Twitter Card Automation with different rules according to different custom post types
    – Twitter Card Preview

    Actually, this list goes on. A Lot.

    There were over 200 features back when we released Squirrly SEO: Steve. Right now, after all these years, that number went up by… like way too much.

    Which is one of the reasons we made the process of working with Red Elements. And turning them to Green.

    What happens in the background is breath-taking. There is so much going on. However, for you, as a user, the experience is fun and easy.

    We’ve truly made SEO Uncomplicated.

    See an amazing User’s Manual and a lot of documentation for how to use everything in the plugin Help Center and User’s Manual.

    Check our screenshots| Go to our official site | Free Version (if you install from the WP directory) OR Pricing Plans

    Documentation and Notes


    • Florin Muresan – CEO at Squirrly
    • Calin Vingan – CTO at Squirrly
    • Sorel Nagy – Developer
    • Andreea Leau – VP Marketing
    • Cristina Leau – Squirrly mascot designer
    • Alexandra Nicola – COO at Squirrly
    • Teodora Vingan – SEO Analyser
    • Irina Pogor – Content Writer
    • Ana Darstaru – Chief of Customer Service
    • Lucian Nertan – VP of Agency
    • Rares Papita – CHO


    • Ibrahim Evsan, serial entrepreneur, one of the best known bloggers in Germany
    • Philipp Kandal, co-Founder and CTO of Skobbler (recently acquired for $24M by Telenav)

    Many Thanks.


    Squirrly is Free to use. The version from the WP directory will install the Free Version.

    You’ll be able to use this seo software once you install the plugin and use your email to connect to

    For higher content marketing and SEO needs, you can check our Official Site and see what the PRO Plan offers.

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