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    Little Hippo

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    Little Hippo is a Multifunction plugin for agencies and site owners that speeds up the process
    of onsite optimisation. By bringing the page Meta and image Meta into a single area you can
    fly through the mark-up process.

    We have included a quick look dashboard that allows you to see at a glance, any on-site issues
    that you may have, without having to run a scan at all. It gives you an instant idea on how
    much work you have ahead of you.

    We have also added some of the most important settings you need for a site into one place.
    With a single click you can make all outgoing links no follow, an easy to use tabbed default
    title and naming convention, and we have beefed up the Google Analytics input, giving you
    the ability to edit the bounce rate time out in seconds.

    We have many more features coming, in new iterations, like page and site speed edits, CDN
    management, Redirect management, robots and HT access management, webmaster tools notifications
    and much more.

    Little hippo will be the first and last SEO plugin that you will need to install on any site!

    Many thanks to the following people:

    • Tom McFarlin – WordPress Plugin Boilerplate (
    • Borisa Djuraskovic – Serbo-Croatian Translation (


    • View all on-site meta issues via a dashboard
    • Bulk SEO title and meta data completion
    • Set defaults for meta titles and descriptions on all pages
    • Quick copy meta information from post titles to image meta
    • Bulk Image alt text completion.
    • Add Google Analytics via the unique UA code
    • Edit the Google bounce rate timeout for better bounce numbers
    • Set all out-bound links to no-follow
    • Manage Facebook OG tags and defaults
    • Bulk empty all trash on site

    More information can be found on the plug-in website at

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