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    RVM – Responsive Vector Maps

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    RVM ( Responsive Vector Maps ) allows you to create responsive vector maps for your WordPress site.

    Vector maps have the advantage to not loose quality when reducing or increasing their sizes. Using RVM you will not need to create static images for area map tags.
    Based on great work of Kirill Lebedev jvectormap, this plugin uses a combination of css, html and javascript to create as many svg maps as you like for your site.

    You can use maps in sidebars as widgets or just in the post content using shortcodes.


    • Responsive: maps will adapt their width to any device
    • Maps live on your server
    • Cross-browser compatibility using ( yes, works even on IE7 – use SVG / RVML )
    • High quality image: vector maps never loose quality
    • No extra http request: maps are in your wordpress uploads
    • Many default maps available: France ( regions ), Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Belgium and whole World ( with clickable countries ).
    • More then 100 downloadable maps available on
    • Chance to install dynamic maps with all kind of svg ( not only geographical maps ! )
    • Mouseover tooltip effect
    • Subdivisions ( Country, Regions, Provinces, Districts etc…): customise background colours, links and html popup ( tooltip )
    • Markers: add your linkable markers on the map using latitude and longitude. Chance to have html popup, dimension ( marker radius ) and min/max radius dimension scale
    • Customisable look and feel
    • Preview functionality: WYSAWYG while creating/editing your map
    • Shortcodes: use generated shortcodes in your posts
    • Widget: maps can be used in widget area too
    • Zoom capabilities
    • Width: a specific width can be set while creating/editing your map or adding width parameter to the shortcode

    Arbitrary section

    ATTENTION: bare in mind that using same identical shortcode ( same post ID ) in more then one position on the same page will result into a layout issue:
    in other words if you create a new map you should not use it in more then one position ( post/sidebar ) per page.
    That’s because the javascript managing map creation fires same ID selector.

    Create instead a new one and use it for your purposes.

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