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    Maps Builder – Google Maps Plugin

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    Maps Builder isn’t just another Google Maps plugin. It’s built from the ground up to be the easiest, most intuitive and fastest Google Maps plugin for WordPress. Visually build powerful customized Google Maps to use on your WordPress site quickly and easily without ever having to touch a bit of code.

    Plugin Highlights:

    • Fullscreen Live Map Builder – The Map Builder let’s you edit fullscreen in a Customizer-like environment so you can see your map come to life right before your eyes.
    • Google Places API integration – Display nearby business locations and points of interest complete with ratings, custom marker icon
    • Snazzy Maps integration – Create truly unique Google Map themes that look great with any design powered by Snazzy Maps.
    • Unique Marker Icons – The only plugin with Map Icons integration; set icon and marker colors for truly unique markers
    • Intuitive UI that seamlessly integrates with WordPress’ – no eye sores or outdated interfaces here
    • Small Footprint – GMB does not create any new database tables, not even one
    • Optimized – All scripts and styles are optimized and packaged with Grunt
    • No notices or warnings We developed this plugins in debug mode. This results in high quality plugins with no errors, warnings or notices.

    Check out the Plugin Demo

    Want more? Upgrade to Maps Builder Pro Today!

    Marker Creation

    Google Maps builder features a simple “Point and Click” marker creation system. As well, you can add markers using an intuitive Google autocomplete search field. As well, **Bulk edit marker data ** using meta fields attached to each marker’s content.

    Map Themes

    Want to add some pazazz to your maps? Snazzy Maps themes are baked right in to Google Map Builder. This means your maps can stand out, fit into any design, and look unique and intriguing.

    Granular Map Control

    Fine tune your Google Maps with full control over settings for street view, zooming, panning, dragging, and more. Set defaults for each control so each new map you create is just the way you like it.

    Actively Developed and Supported

    This plugin is actively developed and supported. This means you can expect an answer in the forums and consistent improvements and enhancements to the plugin itself. As well, we won’t shy away from bug fixes or code refactoring and optimization.

    You’ll Love Maps Builder Pro

    Maps Builder Pro gives you all that you love about Maps Builder Basic, plus lots of new and advanced features. Here’s the highlights:

    • Post Mashup – Automatically populate markers on a map based on your own posts, pages, or custom post types See Demo.
    • Marker Clustering – When zoomed out, show one “cluster” marker with a number to indicate how many markers are in close proximity See Demo.
    • Layers – Show Bicycle, Transit, and/or Traffic layers with one click on any map See Demo.
    • Custom Marker – Upload your own custom marker for any marker in your map See Demo.
    • Import/Export – Import and Export all your maps or markers anywhere you like.
    • Priority Support – Maps Builder Pro users benefit from our Priority Support Forum. We go the extra mile for you and your website needs.

    Upgrade to Maps Builder Pro Today!

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