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    RS Head Cleaner Lite

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    This plugin speeds up your site by minifying and caching JS & CSS files. It also cleans up a number of issues, replacing multiple plugins. It improves speed, efficiency, security, SEO, and user experience.

    This plugin combines/minifies/caches CSS & JavaScript files, removes junk code from the document HEAD & HTTP headers, hides the Generator/WordPress Version number, removes version numbers from CSS and JS links, removes HTML comments, and fixes the “Read more” link so it displays the entire post.

    Documentation / Tech Support


    • Removes the Generator/WordPress Version number from the HEAD section for security reasons. You don’t want your WordPress version being easily visible because that makes it easier for hackers to find sites with a specific WordPress version to target. The best defense is to keep your WordPress updated with the latest version, but even if you do keep your site up to date, it still could be vulnerable to zero-day exploits.
    • Removes Version numbers from CSS and JS in the HEAD for the same security reasons you hide WordPress version. Will also improve site loading speed because removing version numbers from the CSS & JS links will allow browsers to properly cache these files, as well as helping your site code to validate. This feature improves your Google PageSpeed score.
    • Removes junk WordPress code from the HEAD of your site: RSD link, Windows Live Writer Manifest link, WordPress Shortlinks (also removed from HTTP Headers), Adjacent Posts links (REL = PREV/NEXT), Emoji Detection bloat as all are unnecessary, hurt your SEO and clutter your site code.
    • Combines, minifies, and caches all of your site’s CSS and JavaScript files into a gzip compressed file for even better speed improvements in page loading.
    • Removes HTML comments from your site’s code. Many plugins and themes add notes in the HTML code of your site using HTML comments. After a while this can add up, slowing down your page and possibly exposing information about plugins you are using. With this plugin, all that junk is removed automatically.
    • Fixes the “Read more” link so it displays the entire post when you click, not just the part after the “#more”.
    • This is one of the fastest and most lightweight JS/CSS compression & minification plugins you can find. It doesn’t contain huge libraries.

    Several of these features work together to improve page loading speed and will improve your Google PageSpeed score and Yahoo YSlow score. Do a before & after test with GTMetrix to see what we mean.

    The JavaScript & CSS cache files are cleared each time the plugin is deactivated manually through the dashboard (but not on automatic or bulk plugin upgrades). If you would like to manually clear the cache, simply deactivate and reactivate the plugin. Important: If you’re using a caching plugin, when you do this, be sure to clear your caching plugin’s file cache as well to prevent issues from a cached page calling on now-missing JS & CSS files. (For example, with WP Super Cache, go to the settings, and on the Content page, choose “Delete Cache”. It will be similar with other caching plugins.)

    Use this plugin instead of RS Head Cleaner Plus if you don’t want to move JavaScript from the page HEAD to your page footer. (Some themes, especially responsive themes that use JS libraries, need the JS to stay in the HEAD.)


    Plugin Documentation | FAQs | Tech Support

    NOTE: As with any JS/CSS minification & caching plugin, it’s important to test, test, test before implementing on a production site. Because of the type of plugin it is, this plugin may not work for every site out there, but that does not mean the plugin is broken. If you have any issues, please submit a support request so we can look into it and make it as compatible as possible for everyone.

    More Info

    For a more thorough explanation of what the plugin does and why you need it, as well as how to get the best performance results with it, visit the RS Head Cleaner Lite plugin homepage.


    • WordPress 4.0 or higher (Recommended: WordPress 4.5 or higher)
    • PHP 5.3 or higher (Recommended: PHP 5.5 or higher)
    • Your server must be configured to allow the use of an .htaccess file. (This is enabled by default on the vast majority of servers.)
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