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    Advanced Database Cleaner

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    Clean database by deleting orphaned data such as ‘old revisions’, ‘old drafts’, optimize database and more…

    If you have been using WordPress for a while, then you should think absolutely about a database clean up. Indeed, your database may be full of garbage that make your site sluggish and bloated such as old revisions, old drafts, spammed comments, etc. You should clean-up this unnecessary data to reduce your database size and improve website speed. In addition, you will have quicker database backup since the file of your backup will be smaller.

    ‘Advanced Database Cleaner’ is a must-have plugin that allows you to clean database, optimize database and more.

    Main Features

    • Clean database includes:
    • Delete old revisions of posts and pages
    • Delete old drafts of posts and pages
    • Delete old auto drafts
    • Delete pending comments
    • Delete spam comments
    • Delete trash comments
    • Delete orphan postmeta
    • Delete orphan commentmeta
    • Delete orphan relationships
    • Delete orphan dashboard transient feeds
    • You can choose what items to clean-up
    • You can schedule your database clean up to run automatically
    • Optimize database and improve website speed
    • You can schedule your database optimization to run automatically
    • View and clean cron tasks (scheduled tasks)
    • View and clean tables
    • View and clean options
    • Supports multisite installation

    Pro Features (Official website)

    Do you know that even after deleting a plugin/theme from your WordPress website, some of its leftovers may remain in your database? Such as orphan options, orphan tables and orphan cron tasks. As you may know, not all plugins/themes care about the housekeeping of your WordPress database. As long as you are removing plugins/themes, leftovers will be accumulated in your database and will influence your website performance. The Pro version of Advanced Database Cleaner will help you remove all those leftovers and perform a deep database clean up. In the pro version you can:

    • Display and view unused items before making a database clean up
    • Classify database options according to their “creator”. They can be either: plugins options, themes options or WP core options
    • Detect and delete orphan options
    • Classify database tables according to their “creator”. They can be either: plugins tables, themes tables or WP core tables
    • Detect and delete orphan tables
    • Classify all cron tasks (cron jobs) according to their “creator”. They can be either: plugins cron tasks, themes cron tasks or WP core tasks
    • Detect and delete orphan cron tasks

    Multisite Support

    • Only the main site can view, clean and optimize the whole network. Other sites in the network cannot perform these tasks. We have opted for this philosophy because we are sure that your DB is precious and only the super administrator can perform such actions.
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    Younes JFR. Stats

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    Published2 years ago

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