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    RPB Chessboard

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    RPB Chessboard allows you to typeset and display chess games and diagrams in the posts and pages of your WordPress blog, using the standard FEN and PGN notations.



    • Customizable aspect for the chessboards (orientation, size, etc…).
    • Support comments and sub-variations in PGN-encoded games.
    • Support HTML formatting in PGN comments.
    • Colored square and arrow markers.
    • Compatibility mode to avoid conflicts with the other plugins that use the [fen][/fen] and [pgn][/pgn] shortcodes too.
    • Upload PGN files and load PGN data from a URL.
    • Graphical assistant to create and modify chess diagrams in the post/page editor.
    • Multi-language support.

    If you encounter some bugs with this plugin, or if you wish to get new features in the future versions, you can report/propose them in the GitHub bug tracker.

    If you are interested in translating this plugin into your language, please contact the author.



    Yoann Le Montagner


    Marek Śmigielski


    Markus Liebelt (German), Yoann Le Montagner (English and French), Ivan Deceuninck (Dutch), Dawid Ziółkowski (Polish), Sergey Baravicov (Russian), Ali Nihat Yazıcı (Turkish).

    Graphic resources

    Pieceset CBurnett has been created by Colin M.L. Burnett, who shares it under the [CC-BY-SA] license on Wikimedia Commons; user Antonsusi has also contributed to this work. Piecesets Celtic, Eyes, Fantasy, Skulls and Spatial have been created by Maurizio Monge, who makes them freely available for chess programs. Colorsets Coral, Dusk, Emerald, Marine, Sandcastle and Wheat have been proposed in this blog post by Gorgonian. Icons Undo, Redo, Delete and Tick have been created by Momentum Design Lab, who shares them under the [CC-BY] license on Find Icons. Icon Not-Found has been created by gakuseiSean, who makes it freely available for non-commercial use on Find Icons.

    The author would like to thank all these people for their highly valuable work.

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