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    WP Athletics

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    WordPress Athletics is a powerful collection of features for your athletics club website aiming to allow your athletes to log and analyze their results, track their personal bests and view statistics and charts.
    Users can view and plan future events and there are 2 useful widgets to display recent results and upcoming events. The plugin, designed with simplicity in mind is ready to use out of the box. There are also a variety of UI themes included for your convenience.

    See a working demo of the plugin on my former running clubs website:

    Some of the major features for your registered users are:

    • Enter race results and create new events
    • View their race history and personal bests
    • Search for other athletes and events using the power search tool
    • View individual or club-wide statistics including visual charts
    • View overall club records
    • Age graded results (based on 2015 WMA data)
    • View recent results
    • Event Manager, plan future races and see who else is going

    On top of this, there are a selection of administrator tools making your job easier to manage and control the data:

    • Create and edit athletes and their results
    • Easily manage the event categories, age categories, results and events
    • Manually enter a list of results for a race (and easily add new athletes to the system if they are not registered)
    • Embed an interactive table of results into a new post using a simple shortcode, e.g. [wpa-event id=505]
    • Generate a customised printable rankings list for your dressing room (e.g top 5k female runners in 2012)
    • View a log of plugin activity
    • All the pages (manage results, events, recent result and records) are automatically generated and ready to use out of the box
    • A recent results widget to display the last 5 (customisable) results based on event date
    • An upcoming events widget to display the next 5 events in the calendar
    • Event merger (say a user has created an event that already exists while logging a new result, you can easily merge the two events using this tool)

    Note: Athlete registration and participation is not necessary for this plugin to work effectively (i.e bypassing the “Manage Results” screen).
    It is perfectly ok for an administrator to handle manual entry of all athletic results without users having to register or enter results, the administrator
    can also create new athlete profiles when necessary.

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