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    Projects by WooThemes

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    Create and display a portfolio of projects

    “Projects” by WooThemes is a clean and easy-to-use portfolio showcase management system for WordPress. Load in your recent projects, and display them on a specified page using our template system, or via a shortcode, widget or template tag.

    Projects integrates with our testimonials plugin allowing you to associate a testimonial with a project and display it on the single project page.

    You can even assign a project to a product you’ve created in WooCommerce and let customers add it to their cart from the project page.

    Easy to use

    Publish and categorise your portfolio of projects using the familiar WordPress interface.

    Detailed project information

    Include full project details such as cover images, galleries, categories, client details and projects URLs.

    Fully integrated with WordPress

    Display your portfolio of projects using native WordPress architecture (project archives & single pages).

    Widgets & Shortcodes included

    Use Widgets & Shortcodes for situational project display.

    Mobile friendly

    Projects includes a responsive layout to integrate with any theme.


    Get your hands dirty! Customise & extend Projects via a vast array of hooks, filters & templates.


    Assign projects to products and give visitors an easy way to add products to their cart using WooCommerce functionality.


    Integrated with our testimonials plugin allowing you to assign a client testimonial to a project and display it on the single project page.


    Extensive documentation to help you out if you get stuck.


    Once installed you can begin adding projects to your portfolio right away via the ‘Projects’ item in the main menu. But before you do that you should go ahead and create a page for your projects (via the Pages menu item) and specify that page as your projects base page in the projects settings. The interface for adding projects is very similar to adding posts so you should feel right at home.

    For more detailed usage instructions take a look at the Projects Documentation.

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