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    a3 Portfolio

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    Inspired by Google Images UI a3 Portfolio is an image based creation and management extension for every blogger, artist, photographer, and web developer to showcase their own and clients work.


    • If you know how to use WordPress posts, categories and tags then you know how to use a3 Portfolios.
    • Portfolio Items are custom post types.
    • Portfolio Categories (custom WordPress taxonomy)
    • Portfolio Tags (custom WordPress taxonomy)
    • Portfolio Custom feature data
    • Each Portfolio item has its own image gallery (add multiple images to each item).


    • Portfolio page, category Pages and Tag pages show Portfolio items as Cards.
    • Item details show on click in Google Images inspired Expander item.
    • Each Item has its own image Gallery
    • Option to set the number of item cards to show per row.
    • Option to show Item title on mouse over item card or under the card
    • Option to show first part of description on Item cards
    • Option to set the number of lines of description text to show on the cards


    • Each Item is created as a post
    • WordPress Sticky post feature
    • Set default posts to show as 1 column or 2 columns (Gallery to left and content to the right)
    • On each post edit page use the Item Meta to customize the layout of that post (over rides global settings)
    • Portfolio Item gallery manager in post meta
    • Option to set width of the Gallery main image on item post.
    • Option to show thumbnails beside main image or under it on item post


    a3 Portfolio Attributes allows admins to create Attribute Name example ‘Colours’ and then create terms for it – example Blue, Black, Green. These terms are assigned to the item post and are used as additional data on the post and to Filter and Sort the Portfolio items from a widget.

    • Create Attributes and terms for an attribute that can be applied to item posts.
    • Option to show the Attributes and terms in a table on the Item Expander and the Item Post
    • Portfolio Attributes Widget enables admin to set widget as additional Filters for users to view Portfolio Items


    • a3 Portfolio Attribute widget for advanced portfolio filter and sort
    • a3 Portfolio Category widget for easy navigation
    • a3 Portfolio Tag Cloud widget
    • a3 Portfolio Recently viewed items widget.


    After installing a3 Portfolio please install and activate the a3 Portfolio Isotope Add-On. It is a FREE Add-On plugin that greatly enhances the Portfolio, Category and Tags page Items main images sort and filtering. It creates a real wow factor with the Portfolios for your site visitors.

    • Isotope is a js. that is subject to a Commercial License which we have purchased.
    • WordPress could not allow us to include the script into the a3 Portfolio core because of the Isotope commercial license.
    • From the a3 Portfolio plugin admin dashboard go the Add-Ons Menu
    • Click on the Get This Extension button on the Isotope plugin card.
    • The link will take you to the Free Downloads section of the a3rev site.
    • Register an account or if you have an existing a3rev account – use it to log in.
    • Once logged in you will see the License Key and a Download Plugin button.
    • Click the button and you will be asked to acknowledge that we supply the Plugin to you at no charge and that you are aware of and agree to be bound by the Isotope developers Commercial License terms and conditions.
    • Copy the License Key and download the plugins zip file to your computer.
    • Use the WordPress plugins installer to upload the zip from your computer.
    • WordPress will unpack the zip and install the plugin.
    • Click the activate link and on the page that opens and enter the Key you had copied and validate the License.
    • If you have any existing Portfolio items clear any caching on your site and in your browser so you can see the beautiful Isotope sort and filter of the portfolio, category and tags pages.
    • Notice that when you click on an item the expander now opens over the rows below and does not push them down below the expander window.
    • Note the Isotope Add-On Key is a lifetime key for an unlimited number of site activations.


    There is an emerging ecosystem of Premium plugins that extend the Portfolio – you will see these on the plugins admin panel

    • a3 Portfolio Dynamic Style Sheets – Customize the style and layout of your portfolio item cards and item expander without touching the code with this plugin.
    • a3 Dynamic Gallery – Converts the Item page and Item Expander static galleries into dynamic scrolling galleries with transition effects
    • a3 Portfolio Item Switcher – Enables visitors to scroll through the entire portfolio without closing the item expander.
    • a3 Portfolio Shortcodes – Add Portfolio items either individually, by recent, Sticky, Categories or Tags


    • HTML5 card Architecture – responsive mobile and tablet display.
    • Fast loading with built in Lazy Load for all images.
    • Lightweight – Portfolio resources only load on Portfolio Post items, Portfolio page, Category and Tags pages.
    • WordPress Multi site ready.
    • Full WMPL compatibility
    • Backend and frontend support for RTL display.
    • Translation ready


    a3 Portfolio works with any theme, including the default WordPress themes. Built in hooks and filters allow developers to create extensions with a robust template structure for easy customization.


    When you download a3 Portfolio, you join our the a3rev Software community. Regardless of if you are a WordPress beginner or experienced developer if you are interested in contributing to the future development of this plugin head over to the a3 Portfolio GitHub Repository to find out how you can contribute.

    Want to add a new language to a3 Portfolio! You can contribute via


    1. Install and activate the plugin
    2. On wp-admin click on a3 Portfolio
    3. Click Add New and create items.
    4. Go to WordPress menu Appearance > Menus
    5. From Pages select the Portfolio page and add to main menu. Save menu
    6. Enjoy
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