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    With Menubar you can easily build and manage single and multi-level menus for your WordPress site.

    • Build your menus selecting item types among Home, FrontPage, Heading, Tag, TagList, Category, CategoryTree, Page, PageTree, Post, SearchBox, External, PHP, Custom, in any combination

    • Display a menu inserting in your theme, e.g. at the end of header.php, the line

      <?php do_action (‘wp_menubar’, ‘name of your menu’); ?>

    • Use the Menubar widget to display a menu in a widget ready area or sidebar

    • Use the shortcode [menubar menu=’name of your menu’] to display a menu in a post or page, or in a Visual Composer text block

    • To style your menus, select one of the default Menubar templates, customize your selected template, or use the CSS from your theme

    • Customized Menubar templates can be moved into an independent folder, so you can upgrade to a new Menubar version without losing your changes

    A detailed documentation is available on the plugin’s site, see for instance Menubar, and The Menubar PHP type tutorial.

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