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    Lift: Search for WordPress

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    Lift leverages the search index power of Amazon CloudSearch to improve your
    WordPress-powered site’s search experience. Learn more at:

    Minimum requirements:

    • WordPress Version 3.4.2
    • PHP Version 5.3
    • Amazon Web Services account with CloudSearch enabled


    • Updating voce-error-logging plugin


    • Prefix where replacement query clauses with $wpdb->posts to prevent conflicts with tables using identifical field names


    • Cancel original WP core search when Lift returns results
    • Fix PHP strict static warnings


    • Adding changes per WP VIP


    • Adding lift_send_search action to allow logic based upon the results of search


    • Bug Fix: Fixing issue with error logs not handling nonce and clearing.


    • Fixing compatibility


    • Fixing class_exists check to be compatible whether the plugin is installed via composer or
    • Code formatting cleanup


    • Adding Capistrano deploy support
    • Removing enqueue of modernizr
    • Removing all trailing slashes
    • JS Cleanup


    • Bug Fix: Fix type in Lift_Post_Meta_Update_Watcher’s lift_queue_entire_post hook.
    • Added lift_cs_query_orderby_values filter to allow modification of valid sorting fields.
    • Added reference to Lift_WP_Query instance in get_cs_query action arguments.


    • Increased transient times to 10 minutes to reduce load on AWS caused by DescribeDomain.


    • Fixed built in facet option for custom taxonomy fields.
    • Added automatic registration of watcher for custom taxonomy fields.


    • Added ‘lift_form_fields_html’ filter to allow adding/prefixing form with custom html


    • Bug Fix: Correctly applied the ‘lift_search_form’ filter.


    • Fixing failed merge cleanup


    • Cleanup of handling around *LiftField classes.
    • Implemented a TextPostMetaTextField class to simplify adding text fields in post meta.


    • Enhancement: Allow for other region options for CloudSearch domain
    • Enhancement: Adding PHP version check on activation
    • Bug Fix: Add loading animation on setup pages while loading
    • Bug Fix: Cross domain issue loading templates from other domains with WP VIP
    • Bug Fix: Fixed clear errors button


    • Enhancement: Created extendable classes to simplify adding new fields and filters.
    • Bug Fix: Made sure admin nag only shows for users who can access the settings.


    • Bug Fix: Fixed unneeded ajax calls when logging is disabled.


    • Bug Fix: Fixed bug with setting endpoint for queue all functionality.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed bug with filtering out auto-draft post_status


    • Improvement: Redesigned admin management pages with live updates.
    • Refactor: Improved error bubbling from API.
    • Security: Added missing XSS checks in admin.


    • Bug Fix: Added back missing date filter


    • Bug Fix: Fixed stability issues around initial setup and using an already existing domain.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed issue handling -1 posts_per_page parameter.
    • Improvement: added site ID and blog ID to allow MS sites to share a single domain.
    • Refactor: Improved error response handling from CloudSearch.
    • Refactor: Cleaned up the configuration API and schema updating.


    • Bug Fix: Fixed scope of Lift_Search references in anonymous function callbacks within crons.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed override filter and set the front-end search form to redirect only on new searches.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with author name, category, and post_tag data being excluded from documents.
    • Refactor: Renamed logging tables to errors.
    • Refactor: Added/Removed fields from default schema to give better future flexibility.
    • Refactor: Adjusted post_status handling to be match of WP 3.5 logic.


    • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where some fields would be deleted from AWS after update.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with ALTERNATE_CRON compatibility.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed initialization of queuing all posts after setup.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed post status handling when searching from the wp-admin.
    • Refactor: Added un-install hooks for cleanup after deactivation.
    • Refactor: Performance tweaks.
    • Refactor: Removed references to WP_PLUGIN_DIR for more flexible installations
    • Refactor: Updated storage for queued updates.
    • Refactor: Added ability to disable voce-error-logging integration.


    • UI: lift_search_form() now duplicates the standard get_search_form()
      markup to play nicer with themes.
    • UI: Show the filtered term as the dropdown labels for filters and highlight.
      Clean up terms on filter labels. Make Relevancy the default sorting.
    • UI: Filters now work when more than one search form is present in a page.
    • Refactor: rename filters. lift_default_fields to lift_filters_default_fields, lift-form-field-objects to lift_filters_form_field_objects, lift_form_html to lift_search_form
    • Refactor: Cloud_Config class to be independent.
    • Refactor: Calls to Cloud_Config_Request::__make_request() can now override key


    • Fix CloudSearch capitalization.
    • Refactor error logging.


    • Initial release.
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