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    HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

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    This trendy looking music player lets you add a single audio track or a full playlist to your WordPress site using shortcode. You can customise the colours of the player, and also display ratings, album cover art, and buy/download link if needed. This audio player is different from others on offer because it works on all major browsers, both PC and Mac, and on mobile devices including iPhone/iPad. Plus it looks really cool!

    Key Features

    • Uses mp3 and ogg file formats
    • Attractive and customisable design
    • Works in all major browsers – IE9+, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome
    • Works on mobile devices including iPhone/iPad
    • Sell your music easily by integrating with Easy Digital Downloads – tutorial here
    • Autoplay on/off option
    • User star ratings
    • Add the player to any post/page using shortcode [hmp_player]


    Click here for demo
    This demo shows the player with tracklist enabled, ratings on, and autoplay off. Duration and buy/download button is also switched off in this example.

    Pro vs Lite Version

    This is Lite (free) version of the plugin. Get Pro Version if you need the following advanced features:

    • Mulitple Playlists � create as many playlists as you like and embed any number of players on different pages of your site
    • Drag n Drop playlist manager so you can reorder tracks
    • Fully Responsive � resizes and adjust layout/design for responsive websites
    • On/off option for ratings, artwork, artist field, auto-repeat, and cover art
    • Widget support
    • Embed full playlist or individual tracks with shortcodes
    • Works in all modern browsers – IE9+, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome
    • Works on mobile devices including iPhone/iPad
    • Can enable Buy or Download tracks buttons (x3)
    • Integrates with Easy Digital Downloads plugin for selling your music

    Please note that Pro version will not work on Windows Server environment.


    This is a WordPress version of the player created by Saleem over at Codebase Hero with thanks also to Orman Clark for the original PSD.

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